Is there a way to fix men?

Let’s discuss men.

Men commit more violent crimes than women by an enormous margin (see here or here).

Depending on the region and time period studied, for every victim killed by a woman there are 6-11 killed by a man. Men also commit more robberies and property crimes. Then we can also mention rape and molestation, forced incest, assault, domestic abuse, and the fact men are the reason prostitution, sex trafficking (both children and adults), pornography, strip clubs, etc. exist. Desperate people will do what they must to survive, but at root men are the buyers. If men weren’t so sick in the head there would be no market, e.g. impoverished men whore their bodies for money and drugs – but to other men, not women. Ditto gay porn.

Men are also aggressive drivers and kill/maim boatloads of people, despite the '20s stereotype about women. Particularly men aged 16-24. One of the top things you can do to decrease your chance of cement splattering death via a windshield exit is to let your wife or girlfriend drive (women get in more accidents than men per mile driven but they tend to be more of the fender bender variety, whereas men apparently prefer to reenact Carmageddon).

I have no cite for the following accusation against my own gender but I also believe men, in general, are more jingoistic, religious, racist, and generally tribalistic. Women can be and are these things, but men take it to a whole new level of batshit insane craziness. Has a gang of women controlling the inner city of some third world slum ever traveled around raping, tearing apart people limb by limb, and stabbing babies in the head just because they weren’t part of the right clan? Well, maybe they wanted to but the men tore their clits out and sewed their vaginas shut to disabuse them of the notion.

So what’s up with all that misery? Evolutionarily speaking we can think of plausible reasons why this has to be true – but that’s not the point, which is what to do about it? Are there any identified neurological origins for this in the male brain? Can the defects be corrected? How hard should we as societies try to find out? Perhaps through surgery, genetic engineering, some sort of sci-fi implant, or (I’m not sure how effective this would be even if it were to be done) universal castration? Maybe put something in the water?

Or perhaps China and India are wrong and we should be aborting male babies instead and watching as our quality of life improves? But no, the problem with that idea is the variance in IQ between the genders. Men display extreme variance in IQ, whereas women tend to cluster around the middle. Those rare, singular geniuses which revolutionize their field are overwhelmingly male. We can’t abort the next luminary. Although maybe at this point in history the trade off would be worth it.

I think the chemical castration bit may be the best bet for a quick fix, although I would certainly miss having a libido. I think you forget about it after a couple of days though.

To anticipate some comments, I don’t think women ruling the world would change much of anything regarding war and peace – certainly nothing domestically. A casual review of female world leaders throughout history shows they are more than willing to satisfy the status quo RE policies favored by TPTB. States will still go to war for their own business interests. Both women and (male) eunuch planners desire hegemony and material gains for their tribe. Women are not more moral than men. But they act a lot differently “on the streets,” as a State department official might say at the podium.

More women politicians would just mean way less sex scandals – and that’s no fun.

I’m off to Emmitt’s fix-it shop, to “fix” Emmitt.

Interesting that there doesn’t seem to be much interest in this thread…

Wonder why that could be?

Excellent post.

Because men aren’t broken.

The problem is that – if you’re right – aborting our male babies while other nations abort their female babies will presumably lead to the following:

If the stereotypes you’re pushing are true, then a coast-to-coast bake sale run by the women of America will come to a screeching halt when rampaging conquerors show up to rape and kill their way across the continent. (Well, unless our women are like Margaret Thatcher and their men are like Mohandas Gandhi. Or something.)

Men have higher variance in a number of inherent traits than women do, including IQ, and it’s good that you note that men are “overrepresented” in such things as violent crime which are associated with low intelligence. But the variance thing cuts both ways, and men are also overrepresented at the top levels of ability, in areas such as the quantifiable Nobel Prizes, top management, and the hard sciences and mathematics. (These are usually criticized as being the result of The Patriarchy but I note that these critics do not criticize the similar inequalities in the flip side of the bell curve and demand affirmative action for female incarceration.) I think it’s good that we’re acknowledging these innate differences between the sexes, but you’re looking only at the bottom end which is disingenuous. You lose the mass murderers, you lose the John Conways.

Just the other day, I was pondering a 1998 episode of The Outer Limits titled “Lithia” in which David Keith plays an army major who wakes up from suspended animation to find a post-apocalyptic world where men have disappeared and the surviving women reproduce using stocks from pre-disaster sperm banks. Naturally enough, his presence is disruptive and only the oldest women can remember ever having seen a man before. Anyway, in the typical Outer Limits style, the drama was draaaaaaggged out at a pace that would have turtles stealing glances at their watches, and it occurred to me that Keith’s character shoulda just said, “You know, screw this. If your little enclave can’t adapt to my presence, I’ll just walk over to that other enclave where some women are maintaining a pre-apocalyptic hydro-electric dam. I have skills and education and training and physical strength and a PENIS, so why am I trying to be all polite and nondisruptive when I could barter my attributes elsewhere for a warmer reception?”

Sadly, that’s not what happened.The women ended up killing him to prevent further disruption. The oldest woman turned out to be the guy’s former fiancée and possibly motivated by his disruptive boffing of at least one of the younger women
Perhaps not directly on point, but it was bothering me nonetheless.

Men are just different than women.

replace “men” with “blacks” in the op and what does this thread become? There is nothing inherently wrong with me because I’m male.

Hey, hey, give them time. I think a lot of that stuff has to do with whose voice gets heard and who has the most privilege to protect.

Not sure where this thread is going to go, but if you really want to help people throughout the world, including men, then most charities and agencies recommend targeting the women – criminalizing rape and domestic violence, giving them control of natural and financial resources and ensuring education for girls. Of course, this is in part because of ‘traditional’ family structures – by teaching and guiding women you are helping entire families, and by giving them control of reproduction you are helping combat poverty.

Ahem. It is allowable to say that men are worse than women; it is not allowable to say that blacks are worse than whites. Got that? Carry on, citizen.

Men are broke, and they don’t work //Wanda Sykes

She is amazingly unfunny, thus typical of her gender.

Since 2/3 of the childen murdered in the USA are killed by their mothers, I suggest a more credible appraisal is that Homo Sapiens prefer to seek smaller vicitims, and since adult males are larger therefore have more options.

Why? What makes sexism any different from racism? Both lead to charged debates and wild accusations (both also complete with numerous statistics pulled seemingly from thin air).

Both are stereotypical. Neither is welcome.

Cite? The info I’m getting from the US Bureau of Justice says, of children under 5 murdered by a parent, 31 percent are killed by their father and 29 percent by their mother (and 80 percent of those killed by a non-family member are killed by a male). Though I do think there’s often a ‘kick the dog’ trend of domestic abuse.

bolding mine :slight_smile:

I’m with you, Tao’s. That’s what made me so unhappy with some separatists. (I am female.)

Men do not need repair. We all need to communicate better, I think. :smiley:

"Why? What makes sexism any different from racism? Both lead to charged debates and wild accusations (both also complete with numerous statistics pulled seemingly from thin air).

Both are stereotypical. Neither is welcome. " from Casserole

“…statistics pulled from thin air…”


Everyone****knows that women are equally complicit in prison populations, domestic violence, sex crimes, Wall Street crimes and global military actions.

Greed, desire for pre-eminence and superiority and selfishness come equally from women.

Who believes this?

Could it be a veiled reference to abortion?

The first step is to obtain a deeper understanding of the problem.

[spoiler]You know how women are when they’re premenstrual? They get that way when estrogen levels plummet, right? So what are guys’ estrogen levels like, generally speaking? Yeah, you got it, perpetual PMSing without a break from it.

You’d think that would be sufficient excuse, based on what the women say about it…[/spoiler]

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