Is there a way to get an XP 64 bit license at a discount by turning in your XP 32 bit license?

I have a legal XP 32 bit license, now that I’ve got a 64 bit processor I’d like to upgrade it to XP 64 bit(I’m aware I’ll need to do a clean install). Does microsoft offer any kind of discount for licensed XP 32 bit users who want to upgrade? Or Am I stuck having to buy the full priced retail version of XP 64 bit?

P.S. I have no desire to switch to 7 or vista

From my experiencing writing software and supporting XP 64, I would highly recommend you reconsider XP 64. It is only XP in name, and has massive compatibility problems. Stay far, far, far away. Go with Vista or 7 if you want 64-bit support. XP 64 lacks many drivers, and lots of stuff just plain doesn’t work.

Seconded. Windows 7 at least has an XP compatibility mode. You’ll be working without even that.

The hardware issue can be really bad. Nobody really bothered making drivers for a lot of common hardware, including many CD, DVD, and even USB drives. Unless you’ve built your system from the ground up for XP64 support and don’t plan to run modern 64-bit programs that all want at least Vista, I would definitely not suggest it. If you’re so dead set against Vista and Win7, you’re best bet would be to try a version of Linux. And that’s saying something, seeing as you often have to wait a few months for new hardware to be supported.

Why on earth do you want XP 64?

I imagine it’s to either save money, or out of fear of Win 7. I don’t think XP is actually still available at a retail level, however. Even if it is, it won’t be supported and patched for much longer.

Seriously, Win 7 is really quite good. With XP compatibility mode, you can even seamlessly run an XP VM that will emulate XP in all respects.

I can’t answer your licensing question - but I have been using XP64 since Feb 2007. In contrast to the above posters I have found it to be highly reliable and very compatible.

Apart from needing 64 bit drivers you would never know it isn’t the good old 32 bit version and you get access to loads of memory. A highly recommended product.

Its a cost issue, I don’t wanna shell out for 7 if I can just upgrade XP, but it looks like thats what I’m gonna end up having to do.