Is there a way to get into this computer program?

I’ve been using a program called “Mail Manager Plus” to store all my addresses/phone numbers for at least 10 years and now it won’t let me in.

When I click on the icon, I get 3 options:

  1. Register by Phone (toll free)
  2. Register by Modem (toll free)
  3. Register Later

For as long as I’ve had this program (10+ years), I’ve been hitting “Register Later” with no problems. Now when I click the icon it says “You can run this program 0 more times before registration is required”. HOWEVER, when I called the 800# it is no longer in service (same with the modem #) and the company (LCT Technologies) appears to be out of business. It is also asking for the serial # from my CD case, which is long gone.

SO, now I cannot access my address book and I desperately need to get in. Is there a way to bypass this and get past the Registration page?

TIA for any help or solutions.

I wonder if the data is stored in a easy-to-export data file somewhere on your hard drive that you could import into Excel and then scrap the original app.

Look on your hard drive under C:\Program Files\ and find the installation folder for the application, and see if you can find some file with all your data in it (right-click and open with Notepad to read).

The thorough method is to save the data files from the program to a Flash or external hard drive, uninstall the program (including all registry changes), and reinstall a fresh version. You should then be able to open the data files you need.

Programs that old were sometimes very unsophisticated. It’s possible that the “register now” was set off by a clock trigger of some kind, in which case: have you tried setting your system clock back to 1998 or thereabouts and starting the program?

I’m poking around for something more useful, but in the meantime, if you get it working, may I suggest that, as your first action, you export your addresses, so that at least you’ll have the data if it goes wonky again?

I can’t offer any help in getting into the program. However, I would suggest finding the data files the program uses to store your address book data. If you’re lucky, it may be stored in a standard format (e.g., vcard, outlook, csv) that another address book program can read.

If the program is that old, you might be able to fool it by resetting your clock back to 1998 temporarily.

You Dopers rule! I just got into the data file and was able to print the address list. For some reason, it wouldn’t let me save or export, but at least I have the info, so I’ll be doing some re-typing into a new software program.

Unfortunately uninstall and reinstall was not an option since I have no idea where the original CD is. Also I tried rolling back the calendar a decade, but I got the same message about having 0 tries left.

Thanks everyone for your efforts in trying to help me out. Mission accomplished and a huge THANK YOU!!

Before you retype everything, see if you can copy and paste the info into Notepad or Word. If you have the info on screen you should be able to select all of the addresses with the mouse, or type CTRL-A to select All, then CTRL-C to copy into your clipboard.