Is there a way to get stats listing what percentage of a player's home runs have come with 0,1,2, and 3 men on base

Don’t get me wrong, Vladdy Guerrero is an amazing player and will only get better. That said, it seems to me he hits a ‘disproportionate’ number of solo home runs. Are there stats available listing what percentage of a player’s home runs have come with 0,1,2, and 3 men on base? If there are, I haven’t been able to find them. Are they available somewhere? I would love to compare HR hitters in this way.


Having thought about it a bit more, the RBI to HR ratio would capture most of what I was asking about, but I still wonder if the more specific stats are available.

Baseball Reference>Advanced Stats Finders>Home Run Summary.
Gives home runs with each possible combination of runners. (To the far right/Bases)

Willie Mays for comparison.

Thanks, that’s perfect.

Note that @running_coach 's link is for Vladimir Guerrero Sr (the father of the current player). Here’s the page for Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Shows how closely I follow baseball.

Wow. Willie only hit about 115 HRs with more than 1 man on base. They were talking about this tonight about Bryce Harper, most of his are solos.I can only guess that pitchers are more careful with men on

Or maybe because baserunners are relatively rare

I randomly clicked around for a few legendary home run hitters. Most of them hit <50% of their homers with anyone on base. My WAG, like Mike Mabes’, is that pitchers are less likely to challenge a home run hitter with runners on base.


Vladdy’s recent numbers may explain why I thought he hit a disproportionate number of solo shots:

10 of his last 11 homers have been with the bases empty.

It can also be found on a player’s splits page, of which he has a career page, and individual seasons.

If one backs out of that page and drills into his 2021 splits, he has hit 27 solo home runs this year, 19 with men on. Of those 19, one was a grand slam, 4 are 3-run homers, 12 are two run homers.

Those numbers are within normal random chance.

Blue Jays and Other Selected Batters, Percentage Of Home Runs With Runners On

Vladimir Guerrero: 41%
Marcus Semien: 37.5%
Teoscar Hernandez: 57%
Bo Bichette: 42%
Randal Grichuk: 47%

Shohei Ohtani: 39%
Sal Perez: 51%
Fernando Tatis: 36%
Joey Gallo: 47%

Obviously batting order position affects this. The two lowest numbers above, Semien and Tatis, are also the two batters who most often hit in the top two positions in the lineup. The third lowest number, Guerrero, has hit second or third more or less the entire season. The highest number, Hernandez, usually hits cleanup or fifth.

That said, I cannot help but note that Teoscar Hernandez actually is crushing it with men on base. With the bases empty, he’s a slightly above average hitter. With men on, he’s basically Frank Robinson in Frank’s peak years. MLB hitters as a whole do slightly better with men on, but his numbers are wildly different. (Another Blue Jay, Lourdes Gurriel, is similar, except he’s actually a shitty hitter with the bases empty and an All Star level hitter with men on; he has hit four grand slams, a team record, out of just 19 homers.)

Vladimir Guerrero is pretty much exactly the same hitter with men on or the bases empty.

What percentage of all their at-bats are taken with runners on base?

That figure varies from player to player. For Marcus Semien, 38.5%; for Teoscar Hernandez, 47%. Rickey Henderson got 34.6% for his career, and I’m sure you can guess why. (33-35 appears to be about as low as it can get for a player with a substantial career in modern baseball) Players do get to 50% for their careers; famed RBI guy Joe Carter was at 49.9% for his career. The year he drove in 191 RBI, Hack Wilson had men on base in 61.3% of his at bats and he was well over 50 for his career.