Is there a way to have a DOS program terminate without the screen clearing?

I don’t know if the subject is completely clear, but here’s the deal: I recently bought a collection of the old Infocom text adventure games (DOS based, I’m using Windows 98). I was playing one of the games tonight, and when I got to the end, the screen cleared and all I had was this old message:

Apparently the end of the game came, then the screen cleared immediately to give me that message. I never get to see how the game ends, and this is pissing me off. If I try rebooting the computer in DOS mode, when I get to the end of the game, again, the screen clears and all I get is a DOS prompt.

How can I get the computer to pause at the end of the game, instead of having it completely terminate and clear the screen?

Never mind, all it took was a “pause” command in the batch file; pretty simple after all. :o

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Also right clicking on the icon > properties you should find a setting to close the dos box on exit

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