Is there a way to have a whole movie theatre just for me and my date?

Well, I know there are people who rent rooms for companies, parties, etc. I was wondering if there is another way to do that. I read a few months ago on a forum a guy claiming he did something like that by buying the tickets online, but I really can’t find that info any more…

Sure, if you’ve got the money, all the theatre chains and independents have corporate/group sales departments. They don’t care if your “special event” has just two people.

AMC Theatre Rentals and Package Tickets.
Landmark Theatres.

Dad Rents Movie Theatre for Son.

Just contact the theatre of your choice.

According to box office returns, you’re likely to have the theater to yourself if you go see The Lone Ranger or R.I.P.D.

Yup, what Alley Dweller said. I used to work in a cinema (many years ago, I’ll grant) and we did special events from time to time.

I think some cinemas have small VIP rooms. You’d get better value for money in those - more comfortable, cleaner chairs, some packages include premium snacks or meals.

I’ve arranged it before - and even arranged to screen our own presentation via the projector prior to the movie -

so my upshot is that if you hire the whole theatre, you may even have the option of choosing which movie you want to watch (up to a point) if you have a copy of it on DVD

Contact you local theatre and discuss the options

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Last time I went to a movie we went to the “beany theatre” - instead of seats, they had huge beanbags - one for each couple, with a big separation.

Wifey said, for the couple behind us, she wasn’t watching much of the movie :dubious:

But remember - there is always the projectionist…

I went on a hen night a few years ago (yes, I’m male, don’t ask) which included a private screening of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at a small cinema in London. I don’t think it was massively expensive to arrange.

Do they still hang out in the projection room though? I thought it was all done via computers these days.

These days, it is the anti-piracy staff with the night-vision goggles :eek:

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Also, I was wondering if there is an “un-official” way to do that. What I read once was that a guy used another credit card to buy almost every seat at the theatre and his cc to buy his seats. But… I am pretty sure they would notice that someone is buying the whole room… of course, as the first purchase with almost every seat was a no-show in theory he didn’t had to pay for it (or maybe because it wasn’t really HIS credit card).

I am not aware of any theatre in the US that would allow you to purchase a ticket without paying for it or would refund your money if you didn’t show up.

I also don’t see why they would care if you bought all the seats. It would probably be cheaper to arrange a special showing because they would probably replace one of the shows that was not selling out. But I don’t see any reason you couldn’t call up any theater and buy all the seats for a showing two weeks or more out.

Find a small town theater and go during the day. My fiancee and I almost always have it to ourselves.

For one showing they probably won’t care. But their profit comes from concessions not box office so that’s a loser for the theater. Unless you are going to buy a theaters worth of popcorn.

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One of the minor perks of being a projectionist years ago was that I could have my own private showings, as long as it was off hours. That meant either watching the newest release at midnight on Thursday, before the public saw it on Friday, or coming in at 10am on Sunday to get in a film before the noon opening time.

One fine Sunday morning I took my wife to see the film Backdraft, but I wanted to put it in our best theater, with the best sound system, so I picked up the film, flipped it vertical, and carried it across the booth to the other projector, an operation I have done hundreds of times.

35mm movies are kept on horizontal platters, with the full two hours coiled up into a pancake about a yard across. There is nothing holding the film together except for the tightness of the coils, so when moving films to a different platter one is supposed to use big aluminum clips that slip around the film before picking it up. I never did this; I relied on well practiced technique to flip the film off the platter without it coming apart. As I prepared to lay the film down on the other platter, I must have bumped something, because I watched in horror as the center coils all fell out and a couple of miles of film collapsed in a tangle on the floor :eek:

It took every minute of those two hours before noon to get the film all put back together on its original projector. I had to cut and splice it in many places to get tangles out and then run it through a film cleaner to remove all of the grunge and dust that it had picked up on the floor.

The theater I go to has ads on the screen before the movie starts. One of them is for their corporate sales department. They’re promoting the theater for corporate events, church events and so forth. They already do things like live simulcasts of performances of the Metropolitan Opera, so presumably if you wanted to simulcast a corporate meeting to locations around the country, they could arrange that.

And some of the theaters have rooms adjacent to the main auditorium for children’s birthday parties.

And nine months later they had a beany baby. :stuck_out_tongue: