Is there a way to identify a business by its street address?

I’m trying to figure out what business is located at a certain address. Just googling it doesn’t give me anything. Is there some kind of online resource that has a searchable database of businesses by address?

Washington has this page, where you can search on an address. You could look on your state’s Department of Licensing, Department of Revenue, Secretary of State Business Lookup, etc.

Is it on a main street in a city? Use Street View in Google Maps.

You may find some luck using a reverse directory. There are others out there with a quick Google check if that one doesn’t provide any results.

Did you try plugging it into Google Maps specifically? Even if it’s not in a city with Street View, often you can get “At this address” in the sidebar.

Yeah, NinjaChick’s right: Google maps will allow you to enter the street address and come back with what’s there.