How do I get a business on Google Maps?

You know how when you zoom in on a town or city, the names of nearby businesses are labeled on in a white font, without even having to search for them? Hope so, because my question pertains to them!

So my parents own a business in a small town, and while they show up when you search for them in Google Maps, they seem to be the only shop in the area that doesn’t automatically show up as a white label on the map.

I tried adding them manually, but that didn’t seem to help. Is there anything I can do about this to help them get all the exposure they can?

You have to use Google Places. The last time I used it, I believe they either call the listed phone number and give you a code to type in or they send a post card to the listed address with the code. They have to verify you exist where you say you do.

I set up a google places listing for a friend of mine and it didn’t result in their name showing up on the map. It looks like a Google tag would do that, but that costs $25 a month.

I’ve noticed that places with websites are more likely to show up. I also note that they seem to be a few months behind.