Google Business Referral program

I don’t know if this has been done, but I just discovered it and don’t see anything active.

Google has a new(ish) thing for Google Maps called a Business Referral Representative. You can earn up to 10 dollars for every business you take a picture of and gather some information such as hours of operation and what payment types they take.

10 dollars doesn’t seem like much, but I figure if you can do a couple an hour the payout isn’t that bad. It isn’t going to make you rich, but for a student like myself, I bet I could make some extra cash.

Anybody doing this? Tempted to do it? I signed up and am waiting for on ok from Google. (they review your request and accept or deny, so apparently not everybody can do it)

I figure even a smaller town like Columbia has somewhere between 500-1000 businesses. Perhaps more. Then there are the surrounding towns. I go to KC regularly so I could perhaps grab a few from there.

Thoughts, impressions, opinions?

Seems like crap pay for free advertising for the business.

Lotsa not-so-fine print to get around.

First off, what you have to do to get paid:

It’s not just a matter of taking a few pics and getting their business hours. It looks like you’ve also got to deliver a sales spiel.

Then comes the fun part – getting paid. Expect to get $2 for 95% of the business you visit:

Want to guess how many business owners will take the time to fill out the postcard/online form that will get you the other $8?