How much money could one expect from Adsense and other web site ads?

A recent thread in GD about the ethics of ad-supported sites being visited by people with various ad-suppressing technologies got me thinking:

Just how much money do they bring in anyway? The Adsense site wasn’t forthcoming. The pages in question seem to be both pretty extensive and pretty well trafficked, so the “extra paycheck a month” seems to be atypical in terms or returns.

Assuming one typically bought a lot of stuff off of Amazon and then partnered with a “referrer” service as listed in that thread bought stuff for themselves, would they still kickback the referral fee?

This is kind of like asking how much money you’d get by selling advertising in a magazine you are making…

In other words, it depends upon number of people who read it, how good it is, how many you try to cram in, whether the topic you cover is highly commercial or not that commercial, etc. etc. etc.

Anywhere from nothing to millions.

Oh, and…

You seem to be asking if you can use your own links, buy stuff, and get a percentage. Amazon specifically prohibits that. Other affiliates sometimes don;t care as much.