Is there a way to legally bet on who will be the nominee and VP?

I’m almost kind of afraid to post this, because I could see it going to debates so fast… but it actually isn’t meant that way at all.

Basically, the question is: is there some kind of actual, legal way to bet money on a particular combination of president/VP becoming the nominees for a particular political party in November? I still haven’t found my theory anywhere else about who it will be (and I’m sure the theory does exist somewhere else, and somebody, somewhere has thought of it, but it can’t be that common or it would be a whole lot easier to find.) Is there anywhere you can go? Is there any kind of betting pool you can join? Is this a thing? All opinions appreciated. :slight_smile: Well, opinions about whether or not this could actually be done… :rolleyes:

It depends completely on where your residence is, where you are when you place the bet and the relevant laws of your jurisdiction. There is (legal) political betting open to certain people through legitimate channels. Las Vegas runs political betting through the same channels that they run their sportsbooks business.

You can also bet on almost anything in one of the numerous gambling shops in the UK as well. From what I understand, you just say what you want to bet on and then either take the prevailing odds or negotiate them if it is an unusual bet (they always favor the house obviously).

In theory, you can move to Nevada or the UK for a while if you really want to place a big bet. Legalities differ greatly in different jurisdictions but here is a general guide.

I don’t believe it’s legal to bet on elections in the US. In England I think you can.

In the late 80s I took an econ class at the U of Wyoming. We had a guest speaker who had developed a game, I’d guess you would have to call it, for predicting elections. I think he taught at either Iowa or Iowa state. Basically you bought and sold shares of stock in the various candidates. I came out to almost exactly the results of the actual election. He told us he had to get permission from the government to do this as it was considered gamboling.

The man was a hoot, the very essence of the stereotypical college professor who is out of touch with the world. He was decidedly pear shaped, had long scraggly hair and beard, both of which were the salt and pepper variety that looks ghastly. He played with his lips while he spoke. He was funny in the way that people are when they have no idea they are funny. But all in all it was a very interesting talk.

Yeah, the high street bookies shops will take a bet on pretty much anything that doesn’t involve someone dying. Their online ops are more sophisticated these days, allowing you to make complex bets with various cashout options etc. And then there’s the wilder shores of the online exchanges where it gets really quite complicated. But you have to have a UK presence of some sort to participate online fully and legally - UK address, UK bank account, that sort of thing.

Sportsbet has a few options, though not specific pairings it seems.

Drumpf paying $6

One of the more popular outfits is Paddy Power - based in Ireland. Here’s their US President page. VP is separate, not sure if you can do the perfecta for them together.

Now you can cast your longshot for Romney. Wouldn’t Rubio at least have a very slim chance of winning? I thought pledged delegates don’t “go away”?

Ahem you may also bet on the size of Trump’s penis! Bets void if we don’t find out, but IMHO the odds of us finding out are greater than the odds of seeing his tax return.

If it’s a brokered convention, the nominee could theoretically be anyone. I’m offering 10,000:1 on the Kanye/Snooki ticket.