Is there a way to permanently remove YouTube recommendations?

It irritates the ever-lovin’ piss out of me whenever I go to YouTube. I hate having to go through and manually clear every one of their suggestions. I’ve looked online, and all I can find are either temporary fixes, or ideas that don’t work.

Little help, guys? Girls? Miller?

I just go to the Subscriptions page, it’s my default YouTube link. I subscribe to about 30 channels, half of which regularly update, and just watch them. Recommendations only come up for me when a video ends, and sometimes they’re good suggestions.

The easiest way is either delete all your cookies or go to the site and log out. Like you said temporary but not difficult.

The recommendations that come up when a video ends are the same ones that are already there hanging out on the right side of the page while the video plays, assuming you haven’t fullscreen’d it.

True. But both of those pull from your Recommended Videos as well as the current video.

The only thing that frustrates me about the videos is when I watch one or two from a particular channel, and all my Recommended videos start coming from that channel. If I were interested in that one channel, I would have subscribed.