Is there a way to record webstreamed radio?

My husband, Pat, frequently listens to Virgin Radio over the web. He tunes into the live broadcast from London, and has often requested songs. Last Friday, his requests caught the eye of the DJ, who thinks it’s fantastic that there’s a guy in the US Midwest who listens to London radio. The DJ wrote back to Pat and said as much, and now Pat is corresponding with the show’s producers. They want to talk a bit about Pat in next Friday’s show, which apparently has a large listenership as people get ready to go out for the weekend.

The sad part is that Pat has a huge meeting scheduled for the time of the broadcast, so he’ll miss the show. Is there any way we can record it, so we can hear what they say?

I should have mentioned that we are both on Windows XP, and can download/install anything necessary.

There sure is! How to record streaming audio. If you have trouble with the recommended program, there are other options list here. Try them out til you find one that works well for you. It’s not terribly difficult to do, though the user interface for OpD2d is less than wonderfully friendly.

I would assume you could just hook up a tape recorder the audio-out plug on your soundcard. However, you have to have the link open continuously during the broadcast.

But it would be great if anyone knows how to record 3 or 4 hour programs to the HD.

There are other programs which will do this. TotalRecorder is one.

Those wav files get pretty big. Make sure you have enough space on your HD.

Before BBC7 started their “Listen Again” service, I would regularly record programs overnight. I left the PC on, hooked the audio out to my VCR (split from my PC speakers using a Y-connector), programmed the VCR to start recording the audio at the right time, and created a Windows scheduled task to connect to the RealAudio feed at that same time. I set the task to be as long as the program with a few minutes buffer before and after the program, so it ended automatically. I set up another task to start a couple of minutes after that one ended which shut the PC down.

RAWK! Thanks for all the help.