Is there a way to remove forums from my "latest" section?

I pretty much never go into thread games anymore and when someone goes in and basically makes my latest posts section nothing but those threads I get annoyed … anyway I can stop that? i don’t want to ignore the forum entirely i just don’t need to see the 50 new posts from it …

If you mute the forum, you can still go to it whenever you want to.

And if you watch or track particular threads there, you’ll still get notifications for those threads only.

To mute a forum:

Profile → Preferences → Notifications>Categories → add it to Muted.

Mute is a lovely feature!

Yes it is lovely. I think I have 4 or 5 forums on the list because I never read them. Really cuts down on the clutter!

Today I learned that if you quote the post above yours and Discourse strips out the quote it shows up as an edit even tho I didn’t edit anything.

Yeah. That’s a Discourse “feature” a lot of folks here have stated a dislike for.

Yeah, I knew it happened, I just didn’t realize it showed up as an edit. I agree it can be irritating, especially in a fast moving thread

It shows up as an edit because the post was edited. Now, you didn’t edit the post, the forum software did (usually against your wishes) but since it was edited at all you get a little mark there.

I think of it as a friendly little middle finger from the software to me every time it happens. Like that final spit on your face that a thug provides before he leaves you beaten in an alley.

I was thinking it was like Discourse rubbing your face in the power it wields over you, but your description pretty well covers it.

Moved to Site Feedback (from ATMB), since this is about the Discourse software itself.

FWIW, it does show up as edited by “System”.

(I also find it annoying)

I think of it more as protecting every future reader from the utter, mindless redudancy of a full quote of the post directly above yours. A noble and selfless gesture! :wink:

My suggestion is to be a bit more surgical with your quotes; quote the specific bit you are responding to. Omit needless words, and all that…

I have the Thread Games forum muted. Today I have several of these threads in my “latest” feed. I checked my profile, where it’s still muted: “You will not be notified of anything about new topics in these categories, and they will not appear on the categories or latest pages.”

Are they threads that you’re watching or tracking?

If you read a thread for a certain amount of time (which you can set in your profile), it will automatically set the thread to ‘watching’. Threads that are watched or tracked will come up in your ‘latest’ feed, even if the forum is muted.

Just open those threads and set them back to normal.

You may have had a point back in the Usenet days, but on a modern message board where the software default is not to quote the entire post, it’s not usually “utter, mindless redundancy” that is being removed. Instead, it’s usually a reference to what the reply is specifically referring to, which is why the user specifically went out of their way to quote it. Since Discourse doesn’t allow this, the reply instead is forced to reference the entire thread, which may lead to confusion.

It’s an annoyance, not a noble gesture.

What often happens is that the previous post is just one short sentence.

You want to indicate that you’re replying to that sentence specifically, not to something else. But you have to add a   or something in order to do it, which is irritating.

If the previous quote was longer, you’d select part of it.

It would be easy enough to add an indicator to the last post if it’s a reply to the immediately previous post, as Discourse does in other cases.


IMHO that would be the best solution.

No, I’ve never opened these threads.

It does allow, unless the post is directly above.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t see the utility in repeating, word-for-word, the text directly above.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t see the utility in repeating, word-for-word, the text directly above.

To differentiate between replying to a particular post vs replying to the entire thread. You may not see the utility in it but a lot of folks here do.

If you quote and reply to the post directly above yours, and system edits it to remove the quote, does it still fire off a notification that the post has received a reply? Can’t test it because all of my other D-boards have that crap turned off. This one should, too.