Is there a way to shut off the lights in my computer?

While it’s on that is. I want to turn of the power lights, the lights on the graphics card and one on a fan so i can sleep with the stupidly bright computer on.

The power lights are probably connected to headers on the motherboard, just unplug 'em. With the fan and the graphics card (fan?), the LEDs are wired in to the same plug that the fans are using, so unplugging won’t help. You’d have to either cut the LED wires yourself, or replace them with ordinary unlit fans.

Put tape over them

I’ve yet to go wrong with a bit of black electrical tape.

Another vote for tape.

I got an Asus Rampage Extreme II motherboard that has tons of lights on it and a case with a semi-transparent side panel. There was so much light I couldn’t sleep at night. I managed to turn most of the lights off in BIOS, but there was no option for the sound card light so I simply put a piece of tape on the LEDs

Problem solved!

The lights (and switches) on the front normally go to a header on the motherboard… you should be able to selectively unplug those lights you don’t want.

For other things, tape is good. If you still want to see it a bit, then I normally put some scotch tape over them, then draw over it in Sharpie until the desired opacity is achieved. (My bluetooth headphones with the silly looking blinking light got that treatment)