Is there a way to tell if a phone number is just a phone line or both phone and fax?

I may not be wording this quite right, but I need to know if there is a way to tell if a number, is only a phone line or if it has a fax.

Is there anyway to tell?

No one picks up when the number is dialed.

We have a guy that works out of his house. He uses his phone line for a fax line too. If he doesn’t pick up his phone after a certain number of rings the fax line will pick up and let out that awful shrill as though it is receiving a fax.

Hope that helps

Write “Is this a phone line, or just a fax line? Call me back at XXX-XXXX. Thanks!” on a piece of paper and fax it to the number.

Well, if it was a fax line, then wouldn’t the fax machine pick up?

The short answer is: No, there’s no way to tell.

The long answe is: You can try to get in contact with the person who owns the line and ask them. They might have a fax machine set up to require someone on the other end to hit a button to accept the fax, so as to avoid junk faxes, in which case you’d have to call them on a regular phone first anyway.

Problem solved. Thanks for your quick responses.

(It wasn’t a fax line.)