Is there a way to use my scanner without provided software?

I have a AGFA scanner and not too sure how to use it. The software I received is a little complicated and it is getting error messages but I heard I can use a scanner with windows but was wondering if anyone knows how I can do that. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated…


If your scanner is TWAIN compliant, and you have installed the TWAIN driver, you can open any arbitrary image editor and select “File”, then “Acquire” from the menu.

Yeah, but doesn’t that just open up the scanner’s provided software? the only difference is the output goes directly to Photoshop, or whatever app you are using.

Is it just me, or do scanners almost universally come with crappy, ugly, barely functional software?

Well, somewhat. I have a Visioneer Paperport; the actual software program that came with it quit working after my last OS upgrade, so I’ve been using a photo editor to do all of my scanning. When I click the TWAIN button in the photo editing program, it brings up the scanning interface window from the original program (where you set the type of material you’re scanning, size of the area to be scanned, etc.) but not the program itself.

And yes, the original software was exetremely crappy.

I assume you have already installed the software but are having trouble learning how to use it.

The software has different things. It will have an interface-driver which is most likely TWAIN compliant. Without this part you cannot use the scanner. This provides the interface for any other program who wants to use the scanner as an input.

Then you have any other programs which can use the scanner as an input and they can all use it by using the TWAIN interface. To be able to use any f these programs, you have to learn to use them even if it is just the basics…

Believe me, it took me quite a while of just messing about until I learnt to do anything useful with my scanner and photo software.

I got free software updates for a real old Epson scanner at their web site. Why not get a new update driver?