Easyphoto is taking over my computer

I installed Easyphoto a few months ago for my scanner. Since then, its done some very annoying things without my asking it to. For some reason all the buttons in the MS Word toolbars (the print, and Spell Checker buttons, for example), have all been replaced by icons to open Easyphoto. Also, when I try to paste things sometimes instead of pasting what I want it to, it will paste an Easyphoto icon. Can anyone tell me why its doing this and how to fix it short of uninstalling easyphoto? I still need it for scanning, and I don’t want to pay for new software.

      • Your scanner should have TWAIN drivers that let it work with just about any half-decent graphics editor… What did you need Easyphoto to do?

Hmmm… I have Adobe Photoshop 6.0, can I scan using that and not Easyphoto? I took a look at it and I dont see a way but maybe I just didn’t look hard enough.

You sure can! :slight_smile:

Go to File - Import - TWAIN (or something that has TWAIN in it)

That should bring up your scanner’s TWAIN panel and you can scan a pic. When it’s done scanning it sends the pic to Photoshop’s work area (it does not save it, btw, so beware). You can scan a bunch of things then close the TWAIN panel and you’re all set.

Just make sure when you remove the Easyphoto program that you still have this TWAIN option in your Photoshop import menu. Sometimes companies are tricky and don’t let you know on the install CD exactly what drives what.

I’ve always wondered what the heck TWAIN was. I hope someone comes along to explain it :slight_smile:

Hope no one beats me to it

TWAIN-Technology Without An Intresting Name

My scanner is old (an Easyphoto Imagewave, at least 4 years old.) There’s no “TWAIN” in the import section, Just “PDF Image”, “Annotations” (which is faded, so I can’t click it) and “Easyphoto Imagewave.” Any other ideas?