Is there a website that catalogs and responds to anti-vaccine claims?

I love sites that are clearinghouses for conspiracy theories such as:

Tax Protestor FAQ

The Kennedy Assasination

Debunking 9/11

Does any site devote itself to debunking anti vaccination claims like “vaccines overload the immune system” or “there has been no study that shows the efficacy of vaccine x.”

My brother works with many anti vaccine types and I’d like to have more detailed responses other than “no they don’t” or “yes they do.”

Here are a few with lots of info:

Misconceptions about Immunization

anti-vaccination movement (AVM)

The list of misconceptions in your first link is pretty much what I was looking for. Thanks.

Any other suggestions are more than than welcome.

One of the most comprehensive and best sources for information on vaccines including the facts on anti-vaccine myths is the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

This article catalogs and debunks claims about vaccine “toxins” (Science-Based Medicine has other good articles about the vaccine manufactroversy).

Here’s one more that has good Q&As about various types of vaccines, a section on vaccine concerns, and videos looking at antivax myths.