Is there a witch doctor in the house?

Got a headache? Before you eat your buffered analgesic, try this:

Hold your non-dominant hand out in front of you like you’re gonna karate chop something. Extend your thumb perpendicular to the rest of the fingers so it points across your body. You should have a good view of the webbing between the thumb & index finger. With your dominant thumb & forefinger, pinch the webbing (dominant thumb on top, dominant index finger on the palm-side of the webbing) so that both thumbs are parallel and pointing in opposite directions. Don’t let go. Now, rotate the non-dominant hand so the palm is facing down. With me so far?

Without letting go, gently drive your dominant thumb straight into and against the flesh of the base of the non-dominant forefinger. Push harder and harder. It should hurt a little—like you’re messing with a nerve. Hold it for a few seconds.

Unless you have an axe in your head, this should eliminate or significantly reduce the headache pain. I’m not so concerned about why this works (I recon it’s an endorphin rush) as much as I have a question about a cure for pink eye I heard this weekend.

The cure goes like this: take a solid gold ring like a wedding band, insert the corner of a wash cloth into the ring until snug. Rotate the cloth inside the ring until the ring gets warm. Now rub the corner of the cloth gently across the closed lid of the affected eye 3 times, from the tear duct to the outer edge of the lid.

This can’t possibly eradicate the virus that is affecting the eye. Does the rub stimulate an immune response for the eye—kinda like pinching the nerve in the hand relieves the headache? Or is this just stupid.