Is there a word for 2 different non-human animal species having sex?

This question is inspired by this thread about *Family Guy *over in CS.

If a human has sex with a dog, that, of course, is known as bestiality.

But say a bear has sex with a dog, or an otter with an iguana… What’s that called?

Interspecies snorgling?

Interspecies erotica (second quote from the top)?

Another example of Rule 34.

…whereas sex between two distinct human species, as Ringworld fans know, is rishathra

(I just wanted to be the first to add that, because I knew someone would.)


Technically, it would simply be referred to as interspecific mating or copulation.

The word is “HOT.” I love otter on iguana porn.

Miscegenation was supposed to mean that, when coined in the US in 1863 (in obvious circumstances, given that date), by people who thought whites and blacks were different species.

That aside, can the OP provide instances of it actually occurring? If not there’s not really a need for a work for it.

Missed edit window: I guess that is really between two (conscious?) species, not two non-human species as specified in the OP. Sorry.

Happens all the time, and sometimes results in hybrids. For example, horses and donkeys producing mules. Lots of animal species mate and produce hybrids in nature.

Now, in the case of animals as distantly related as those mentioned in the OP, it doesn’t happen very often in nature, since animals that had the urge to mate would normally be able to find something more closely related, even if not the same species. But like a young dog, a young male animal may try to hump anything that can’t move away quick enough.

It’s common enough that there are terms for it. Besides interspecific mating, mentioned in my last post, there’s also heterospecific mating.

Bunny! WILL! Hump! ANYTHING!!!

But what about sex between a human and a Vulcan?

How about between a Frog and a Pig?

I look at those classified-type columns in the Dating Sections with “Men Seeking Women”, “Women Seeking Men”, and always imagine a column for “Frogs Seeking Pigs”.

Or a a monkey with a goat?

Rule 34, part 2: The Men Who Stare At Goatse.

Horse + Donkey = Mule or a hinny.

It happens that two different species will mate… so what’s the word for it?

See posts #7 and 11.

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