Is there a word for dried fruit that means dried like a raisin? As opposed to freeze-dried.

I am trying to find dried strawberries that don’t have sugar added, which for some inexplicable reason is rarer then unicorn horns because the fruit-drying companies have decided, in their infinite wisdom, that the strawberry- one of the most perfect fruits in nature- needs to be disgustingly, unhealthily sweet before consumers will but it. (Yes, this post was almost a Pit rant, how did you tell?)

Google is being its usual unhelpful self; searching for “dried strawberries no sugar added” will bring dried non-strawberry fruit, dried strawberries with the standard amount of sugar added, and freeze-dried strawberries. I don’t want freeze-dried strawberries. Doing an advanced Google search with the word “freeze” excluded does absolutely nothing.

I’m trying to be optimistic here, and if I can’t exclude “freeze-dried”, maybe I can input… whatever the opposite word is, and see if that helps any. Again, Google is being no help with fruit-drying vocabulary, so I turn to you. Is there, somewhere out there, a helpful word that can light my way? Or am I stuck with disgusting sugar-berries forever?

(PS. I’m also looking for the strawberries to be kosher-certified, but so far that hasn’t come up in that I can’t find any unadulterated strawberries, kosher or no).

Would you consider using a dehydrator to make your own?

Sun dried strawberries

“Raisined” is a word with the meaning you want. However, it’s not all that commonly used, especially in product names/descriptions. So go with “sun-dried” as suggested above.

Air-dried? That’s what I would say if I were trying to distinguish it from other methods. I think I have also seen “flu-dried” for a method using hot air.

I just did a quick search on “unsweetened dried strawberries” and found these, and these.

I’d question those. The label just says “no refined sugar”. If you read the description is says that they “are infused with apple juice concentrate”. That’s a common trick; companies sweeten things with processed apple or grape juice so they can claim it’s all-natural fruit. But sweeteners extracted from apples or grapes are no healthier than sweeteners extracted from sugar cane or corn.

If I had fresh strawberries in my house, I’d eat them. They’re too good for this earth.

Try these

One word for it is desiccated. Often applied to fruit. Example.

Can’t find any desiccated strawberries on sale, though.

Sun-dried is the term of art used around here (where most of our dried fruit is made that way)