Is there a word for the entitlement that people on the far right (and maybe the far left) seem to feel

This isn’t meant to bash conservatives, I’m just wondering if there is a political science term for what I have seen.

It seems there is a lot of entitlement among the far right. They felt they should be free to violently overthrow the government w/o consequences. They feel they should be entitled to win elections even when they get fewer votes. They feel whites, cithets, men, christians, native born, english speakers, etc are entitled to better treatment as well as more representation in media/politics than their numbers would imply. Meaning in a state like Oregon, the far right may make up 10-20% of the state but they feel they are entitled to 100% of the political power and 100% of the media representation.

Is there a word for this other than ‘entitlement’? I know there is social dominance orientation, but I don’t think that explains what I’m discussing. I don’t think ‘hypocrisy’ covers it either. Neither does ‘being an asshole’.

FWIW, people on the far left seem to have this entitlement, just not as bad. Maybe thats an example of horseshoe theory, I don’t know.

But examples from the far left would be how they feel they are ~10% of the country (the rest of the country is center left, centrist, center right and far right) but they feel entitled to control the entire democratic party and entitled to control the US political system.

Or how when the far left feels that certain words or behaviors are microaggressions, that other people are required to follow the far left’s demands that those behaviors be stopped even if other people do not mind those microaggressions. Examples of this would be like when white leftists claim to speak for non-whites on issues like race, but the non-whites say they don’t even mind the issues the leftists are upset about. I know that is called the white savior complex but even that doesn’t really describe what I mean.

Does any of this make sense? Any ideas?


I actually covered assholes in my OP, I don’t think thats it.

Another example of the far left being entitled is thinking that Bernie Sanders deserved the nomination for democratic presidential candidate despite Sanders winning fewer votes and fewer delegates in the primaries of 2016 and 2020.

I think it’s just standard egocentrism.

Self-righteousness is the main thing I’m thinking.

I think the word you’re looking for is just “fascist”. It’s a perfectly good word, don’t be afraid to use it.

Is every authoritarian a fascist?


Gotta see the manager. Now!

No, I get the impression that fascists are motivated by identity politics and revanchism (both cultural and geographical) while authoritarians are just authoritarian. All fascists are authoritarian, but not all authoritarians are fascist.

OK, “White supremacist patriarchal Christian nationalist”, then. We could get more specific, but that’s already five words, and the OP only asked for one. It’s not “entitlement”, because entitlement is an attitude. This is an actual belief system.

Really, it just boils down to “We’re right, and we can’t compromise because we’re right. How can the good guys lose?”

Manifest Destiny 2.0. The only way they can justify their entitlement is believing God wants it that way.

I think thats closer to what I mean. As I said I see this behavior among both the far left and the far right. Both think they are entitled to have political power even when they lose elections and if they don’t have the power its because someone else cheated, both feel they are entitled to tell other people how to live, both think they are entitled to speak on others behalf w/o seeking their consent first, both think they are entitled to have 100% media representation despite only making up ~10% of the country on each side.

More ego than centrism…

I can understand how they feel. From their viewpoint, it’s like there are two camps, one calling for the drinking of water and the other calling for the drinking of cyanide. Obviously, it’s more nuanced than that, but they (far-right or far-left) see it in such stark terms. So when some centrist suggests, what comes across to their ears as, “Well then, how about we compromise and make the public drinking fountains 90% water and 10% cyanide so everyone’s happy?”, these people lose their minds.

And aggrievement. Both far left and far right paint themselves as victims.

When Italy jumped into WWI, pushing against the majority of the population and a considerable portion of the government who’d rather sit it out, they coined the slogan “sacro egoismo,” meaning “sacred selfishness.” (This when Ayn Rand was still a snotty schoolgirl). How well that worked out for them.

Ego and denial. I don’t think they conciously believe that their minority views should hold sway over the majority, they convince themselves that their views are the majority, no matter how many polls and elections tell them otherwise.

I think some of this territory is covered by the Just World idea, which is basically that if something bad happens to someone it is because they deserve it:

I would just call it being part of the far right. Right wing means authoritarian. The far right is the furthest on that axis, and thus very much want a small group (or single individual) to rule over everyone else.

That’s not to say there is no entitlement on the (far) left wing. But it’s not an inherent part of the mindset as it is with the far right. You can be left wing and be very anarchist or very socialist. But you can’t really be far right without being very authoritarian.