Is there a word for this (in any language?)

I’m looking for a word to describe this: when you make an offer, knowing the offered person will not accept, just so you can say you offered. For instance, inviting someone you don’t like to a party because social niceties dictate it, knowing that person wouldn’t be caught dead at your party. By offering, at least you can say you invited her, which SEEMS as if it makes you look like the bigger person, when really you were playing the odds that your offer would not be accepted. It’s a CYA type thing. Or, if you call someone’s bluff, knowing that they will fold, knowing full well that you won’t have to follow through on your proposition, but busting that person’s bluff nonetheless, at very little risk to self.

Wow, those were convoluted explanations. I hope they were clear enough. I figure if there isn’t a word for this in English, probably there’s one in Yiddish or German. Help me out here? Thanks!