Is there a word for

…the condition where if you look at a word long enough it doesn’t really register as a word anymore? For example, I just looked through the butter thread in IMHO, and by the end of the thread, the word 'butter" didn’t seem right,just kind of looked like a random and meaningless collection of letters.

The word for seeing letters but not recognising them,
and therefore confusing them is dislexia.

I don’t know about that but there is a term for the verbal equivalent of this, where you repeat a word several times and it seems to lose its meaning. That is called “sematic satiation”.


Do you mean semantic satiation, perhaps? Or have I just learned (of) a new word?

And it’s dyslexia.

Are you sure? I’ve always spelled it dsyelaix.

Semantic just refers to the meaning of a word, with no connotations regarding oral or written language, so I’d guess that semantic satiation would pertain to either.

Don’t you mean “semitic satiation”? Y’know, a whole buncha semites? :smiley: