Is there actually a notation in the Bible that forbids the use of the word 'fool'...

…upon pain of having your life reduced by a given increment of time (I’ve heard “six minutes”) per occurrence?

Yeah. I heard this whispered in the halls of middle school, and was reminded by this the other day by something; I forget what. Or, is there actually a chance that this is true?

um, no.

Here’s a link to an on-line concordance. You can use it to look up any specific word or phrase you have a question about. If it isn’t found, it is not in the Bible.

It’s probably a misreading of Matthew 5:22.

Right, it’s a part of the Sermon (of/on) the Mount
Jesus teaching about how Xtians should not only not kill or assault physically, but should not go around being verbally hostile either. (“Raca” was some sort of Aramaic insult. I like to think it meant “asshat”)

However notice there is no mention of specific time-subtraction. Just that if you go around gratuitiously insulting people you ARE sinning and getting yourself in trouble, unless you apologize.

(BTW the SotM is full of extremely “absolute” condemnations of what looks like petty conduct. Apparently the Big J’s point is that he expects his followers to exceed expectations at all times, on all issues)

Yes, I know that’s tautological. He’s God, he can get away with that. :wink:

Maybe he meant “Baka,” which lends credibility to that whole “Jesus fled to Japan” theory. :eek:

I seem to remember that Jesus himself called people “fools” a few times—I’ll try to find a cite.

One of the more famous Biblical quotes states that:

The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God’" (Psalms 14:1)

(Oh yeah, I definitely had to look that up to get the exact quote and verse. I’m certainly no Biblical scholar.)

Anyway, the Bible strictcly forbids the use of te word “fool” huh? I suppose that Jesus and Psalm authors get excused from that rule.

Well, if the person referred to IS a fool, then it’s not an insult, it’s merely a statement of fact. And if you buy into Jesus = Divine(), then if he said someone was beign a fool, thet person WAS a fool. We report, you decide.
) “Divine” as in God. Not as in a fat drag queen from Baltimore)

It’s a teaching of Jesus that seems to be neglected by a lot of Christians, unfortunately. :frowning:

(Still trying to find the balance between standing up for what I believe in and being obnoxious and disliked.)

Nah! Mr. T would’ve been dead long ago.

[QUOTE=JApparently the Big J’s point is that he expects his followers to exceed expectations at all times, on all issues[/QUOTE]
All that a good manager can expect from his people. If you don’t AT LEAST meet expectations you can expect a bad review.

Heh, good point. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies, all. I was ready to chalk it up to some made-up crap like you hear in about every middle school; I never would have guessed that misinterpretation was a possibility.

Are you making a distinction between God and a fat drag queen from Baltimore? Do you mean to suggest that God is not a fat drag queen from Baltimore? This flies in the face of hundreds of years of deep theological reflection. Wait. Did I say hundreds of years? I think I meant hundreds of seconds.