Is There An Argentine Neighborhood In New York City?

I’ve run across Little Brazil near the Theater District. Lots of Central and South American neighborhoods, mostly in the outer boroughs, as I understand it. I’ve visited some Argentine restaurants scattered around the city. But is there a specific district/neighborhood of the city known for a high concentration of Argentine residents/businesses/restaurants? How about Chileans?

Argentines are (historically at least) pretty sophisticated folk. It’s doubtful they’d want to cluster in little ethnic enclaves (maybe at the polo club).

Understood. I was sort of thinking they and the Chileans, having a comparatively high standard of living, might not aggregate so much. But Little Brazil is hardly a slum either, as there are some pretty prosperous restaurauters who just found it handy to group together geographically, I guess. The Irish in the U.S. still seem to have certain pockets, despite their recent prosperity . . . so I thought the Argentines might too . . .

Jackson Heights in Queens has many Argentinians, and at least two Argentinian restaurants.

Newsday: More Than Two Can Tango Here:

There are whole neighborhoods of them. There are two competing youth gangs: The Tango Lords and Borges’s Boys. The Tango Lords are bad enough with their habit of roughing up outsiders while singing songs from Evita, but Borges’s Boys are worse. They don’t have to get physical. They just taunt you, but in a convoluted, self-referential way that leaves you uncertain of the existence of the physical world.

If you can find the Argentinian restaurant, go there. I remember going to one many years ago in Manhattan and it was about the best steak I’ve ever eaten.

My wife and I were wandering around Times Square on Christmas Day a few years ago and came upon an Argentinian restaurant where we decided to have our holiday meal. It was a meat bonanza and absolutely fantastic. Don’t remember the name but it was slightly off-the-beaten path while still being centrally located.