Is There an Art Term for This?

Is there an art term for a prominent figure in a busy painting of characters, or whatnot, that is intentionally drawn in such a manner to capture your attention? …akin to the main character in a story? Is there a term for this, or is “prominent figre” about as good as it gets? Maybe there’s a Latin term for this?

I’d say “the focal point” might fit your description, but I don’t pretend to be an art expert.

Interesting question. No exact terms jump to mind. “Focal point” or “subject” could both work, but not necessarily.

I could see a term like this being useful in discussing, say, a Bosch painting where there’s a lot of action throughout but generally a smaller handful of really attention-grabbing points.

Focus or focal point of a composition, I should think.

In photography and graphic design it’s very common to talk about the “center of interest.” I believe that term would serve in the situation described by the OP.

Here’s a link to the definition at “”.

Good thoughts, all! (Sorry for late reply, but I am out here reading-up on your input!) Thanks!