Is there a name for this painting composition technique?

Chad Robertson - In the Moment - Sunspace Gallery

Specifically the “untitled” series of face portraits in the lower section of the page.

I wouldn’t call it a “technique”: it’s just his style (I’m no authority in the field of fine art, but the word “technique” would apply to the methods and materials he uses, which seem pretty straightforward here).
It’s pretty impressive, IMHO.

I don’t know what he calls it but I call it Pretty Disturbing

I don’t know of this one, but if I could re-phrase your question, I think you’re looking for, What “-ism” are these paintings?

more of a gimmick than a technique. Replicating in paint a double-exposed photo.

Reminds me of futurism, kind of, the multiple take thing

I see it as a kind of photo-realism, what with the double exposure thing going on.