What is this type of art called?

This is a little framed and signed paper cutout of extremely fine detail I ran across while poking around in various stores. The scene inside the frame is about 7 x 7 inches. What is this type of art called? It’s signed “White 95” right under the right hand flamingo.

The pic

I’ve heard it called silhouette. Here’s an animated film made entirely of such figures, the first animated feature film ever made.

Yup, silhouettes. The technique was used both for quick portraits, as well as for illustrations, protest-pamphlets, and to celebrate and remember important events. For instance, a wedded couple, or a city council, would pay to have a cut-out made to celebrate an anniversary. It was basically the poor mans oil-painting. :slight_smile:
These cut-outs could get quite elaborate, as your example shows. It used to be big before the invention of photography, in the West as well as in the Far east.

I like making silhoutteportraits myself, as a hobby)

Isn’t this a much more complicated technique than just silhouette? I seem to remember something called schnerensnitte[please excuse what I’m sure are massive spelling errors], or something close to it.

Scherenschnitt is german for the same thing. (Schere = scissor, Schnitt = cut)

I did a google image search today - on something totally unrelated, and found this.

Yup, that’s either Scherenschnitte or wysanki (the same thing, but made in Poland). These tend to portray more traditional scenes and have finer detail then regular silhouettes.

Aren’t they gorgeous? I could look at them all day, and I’d love to learn how to make them.