Is there an easy way to turn Adobe Flash on and off?

The flashing ads on my news page were driving me nuts so I uninstalled Flash.
But then I needed it to print the NY Times crossword for the day.
So I installed and uninstalled again.

Is there another way? A browser setting or msconfig way?

Depends a bit on which browser you are using and which OS. For IE 6 and later on Windows you can enable/disable flash & other plug-ins by menuing to Tools >> Manage Add-ons …

I had tried that but saw no programs in the box called “Add-ons that Run Without Permission”
But if you wait several seconds, the long list appears.

Another possibility is to get Firefox. There is a Firefox add-on called Flashblock that changes all Flash to a clickable button.

Thanks. Tried Firefox and didn’t like it at all, but a Flash button is about time.

The antispyware product SpywareBlaster has a “disable Flash” tab.

I recommend SpywareBlaster as an adjunct to Windows Defender or Ad-Aware or the other antispyware programs that expect you to run a regular scan of your system, thereby identifying and removing malware that has infected your computer. SpywareBlaster doesn’t perform a scan; it runs in the background and prevents many common infections from occurring in the first place. Nice companion.

The fact that it includes a Flash killer is a bonus.

Sounds good. I’ve been looking for a new anti-spyware package. My old one doesn’t support IE7.

I just located this free utility **Flash-and-Pics-Control **
By putting the link to it in my Links list, it became a button on my browser.
Can’t ask for more easier.

Assuming the GQ has been answered, what don’t you like about Firefox?

(IMHO it’s the cat’s pajamas)