Is there an IMDB for plays?

I was looking for a specific play the other day (actually, this morning, but I imagine by the time this gets off the board, it will be the “other day” - now watch, now that I have said it, this thread won’t last the hour before it is off the board) and could not find it. If it were a movie, I could have hit and found it under a number of headings.

So…is there such a service for plays?


Ask and ye shall recieve: (or Internet Broadway Database).

I don’t believe it is as complete as the imdb quite yet, but maybe you can find what you are looking for there anyway. If not, tell me what play you’re looking for and I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks DooWahDiddy. It was a start.

I’m trying to find the play on which *Roxie Hart *(with Ginger Rogers and John Payne) the movie that the muscial Chicago is based upon, is based. I heard it was a Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur comedy but Ibdb just lists titles and no plots. When I ran likely titles through google, none seemed to apply.

It was originally a 1926 play, obviously called Chicago, by Maurine Dallas Watkins. She was a reporter for the Chicago Tribune and wrote the play based on the collected stories from the city’s criminal courts.

She does have an official website, at

As for getting a script of this play, that could be a little tougher…

The original play was called Chicago and was written by a Chicago Tribune reporter, Maurine Watkins.

I don’t know if a copy of the play is available, but this will give you a starting place. The link above refers to a website dedicated to the author which is still under construction; there may be more info as the site is built.

While we’re here, maybe someone could tell me what an “understudy” is. Is it like a standby?

And here’s a link to the script on sale at

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Lurkmeister, I don’t think we could have planned that better if we tried. :slight_smile:

bean_shadow, the phrases are synonymous.

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Somebody let me know if anyone ever create an IMDB for books (or even just novels/fiction).