Is there an opposite of a Pitting? If so, I'm making one for Polycarp.

So humble, so modest!

Hear, hear! Another glass up to Polycarp

“By their fruits ye shall know them” and he has been fruitful indeed in the fight against ignorance and in bearing True Witness to his faith.

I loves me some POLYCARP. :slight_smile:

Polycarp is inteligent, eloquent, and above all compassionate. Even in the face of rants and trolls.

I know I’m not alone in wanting to throw him into a pool, just to see if he goes under the water or on it.

Here’s to Polycarp: Bishop and Martyr Watta guy!

I wish I get this kind of treatment when I die.

Ah Polycarp! One of my favorite memories of all time will be of sitting around the table with Polycarp, his great wife, RTFirefly and his great wife, drinking coffee and discussing music and books. All four are people I’m proud to know and be friends with.

Polycarp is one of a kind and a rare find. Kind of like a diamond in a mud pie.

So, what your saying is that you could easily break a tooth, but it would be worth it.

Poly is first among many here who’ve stopped me dead in my comfy mental tracks. His way of saying–and seeing things–have caused those wrenching, exciting, unexpected internal shifts . I know what the world looks like to me; extending beyond that is the bitch.

Insights can come from unlikely sources. Long ago I read an inane celebrity list of “what would you like most?” Jane Fonda (whose many action I still loathe) yet said something wise: “I’d like, even for a few minutes, to live inside someone else’s head and–BAM!-- see the world though their eyes.” -->wording loose; sense exact<–

That’s what Poly does. Never met 'im beyond pixels on the screen, but he’s bridged the gap anyway. Sometimes, mostly dependent on my wonky receptiveness, he’s made how he sees the world so clear that the gap is bridged. BAM!

Fighting Ignorance, indeed.

Smiling and offering a toast to Poly,

Polycarp, you taught me that as a Christian, I should act like one.

Thank you. Thank you for modelling Christ in a place where so many of us were (and many still are) running around giving Christ a bad name.

I’m so Sorry.

Thank you.

In Christ,

I’ve gotten hugs from him twice AND he posted to my engagement thread:-P

And now for something more meaningful. Poly and maybe three other posters on this board are the only people I can think of who are peacefully smart. He could probably go around and be a combination of jackass and smartass, with some feigned dumbass thrown in occasionally as supposed sarcasm. But (at least this is how he seems to me) it is just easier and more effective to be nice until the other person either self-destructs or starts being nice back just because it’s rather draining to rail at someone who won’t hit back.

And anyone with a track record of being wrong as often as Cecil can’t be that bad;)


He always takes all the criticism to heart, let us hope he will believe us when we cheer.

Here’s to you, friend, and brother.

Next time there is a get together, I hope I will have a chance to meet your wife, as well. A lot of people who have reliable opinions on many other subjects tell me she is quite a lady. Here’s to her, as well.


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ~ Lao-Tzu ~

Yes indeedy. I am grateful for the Polycarps of this world.

If ever a “me too” post was absolutely called for, this is the thread for it.

With that in mind…

Me too.

Honestly, there are times I feel I should be tithing to the man.

So, Polycarp, is there anyway I can get you appointed straight to Bishop? There’s precedent. :wink: Better yet, Archbishop!


Well, I threw him into the motel pool the other night, except that I threw him at a low angle with a lot of horizontal spin. So he skipped off the surface three times, then landed high and dry on the other side.

Results: inconclusive.

j/k! :smiley:

Hey, we got the moral equivalent of that event when they selected Rowan Williams to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury!

And in this post, I’m not kidding.

What do you think I was thinking of? Talk about an argument for the Episcopal Church – we’ve got C.S. Lewis, Madeline L’Engle, and Polycarp! Top that, you Methodists! :wink:

cj, you’re crazy … in a happy fun silly way:)

Hey, CJ – Want a giggle! Look up March 3 in the Calendar in the front of the Prayer Book – that’s not all we’ve got! :slight_smile: