Is there an opposite of a Pitting? If so, I'm making one for Polycarp.

Being as I’ve just completed one mofo of a programming project and basking in post-prograsm contentment, I’ve decided to share the love. Ze problem is that I don’t have anyone handy to share the love with right now. So, I’ll share it with someone I don’t have handy, but certainly deserves it.

I dedicate this thread to Polycarp.
Polycarp, dispenser of wisdom, faith, intellectual honesty, and general goodness vibes. You are one of the best and the brightest. You were an extremely important object lesson to me. Pre-SDMB, my experience with devout Christians who actually practiced what they preached was…actually, it wasn’t. Therefore, I associated Christianity with either lack of insight or hypocricy. More than anyone else here (though there are plenty of others), you tore my misconception to pieces. For that big truth, and over 6000 smaller truths, I thank you.

If I drank, I’d toast you.

To Polycarp!

Polycarp is truely an inspiration.

Actually, this sort of thing usually winds up in MPSIMS, though I hardly consider it pointless.

Polycarp is one of the reasons I joined this Board, and I will gladly raise a glass to my honored friend and teacher.


:: clinks virtual glass with cjhoworth ::

:: nominates robertliguori for “Least Controversial Thread Topic” award ::

I’d have to be in the Pit to tell you what I think of Polycarp.

Not really, but I thought I’d try to inject a wee bit of controversy. Polycarp is one anti-fundie that has made me realise that I should have more respect for religious people.

Hear, hear!

I use Polycarp as an example for my kids. My children have very cynical views about Christianity and tend to paint all Christians with the same brush (they confuse Christians with fundamentalists). They both visit the SDMB and I am constantly pointing them in Poly’s direction as a good example. So, thanks Poly.

And thanks robertliguori for staring this thread.

MPSIMS is for mundane, or pointless, or things you must share, thus the move.

A toast to Polycarp, who, in addition to his good nature, his eriudite* posts and Christian fellowship has a wicked-good sense of humor, a great knowledge of Science Fiction and great taste in books (cause it converges on 1:1 with mine! :stuck_out_tongue: )

:: clinks glass ::

Keep up the work in GD, Poly, but how 'bout starting a Science Fiction thread now and then? I miss agreeing with you about books! :smiley:


*Isn’t it ironic that that’s the word I can’t spell

Poly is one of My Favorite Christians.

Polycarp is indeed a wonderful person, and we are grateful to have him in our company.
Lest his head get too swollen with all this praise though, I’m going to remind all that his wonderful wife has had a large part in his upbringing.

Although knowing his modesty, Polycarp will probably be slightly embarassed by this Love-In, I can think of no one who deserves it more.


He shares his faith.


handy, the anti-Polycarp. Available from your greengrocer, or from participating True Value Hardware Stores.

::toasts poly::

In addition to all the fond and admiring praise already listed, via Polycarp’s posts within the last month or so, I have added two words to my vocabulary.

Irenic and purblind.

Wonderful words that were previously unknown to me.

Just goes to show how one can fight ignorance both actively and passively.

Oh my. One day you’re gonna have to get me good and drunk, and see if I spill any of Poly’s deep dark secrets. He was a regular heck-raiser in his day, I tell ya!

You know where to send the hush money, bro.


I don’t know what made Robert decide to start this thread, other than what he said in the OP – although I have my suspicions as to Who was involved. But I needed an emotional lift today, and this certainly gave it.

Okay, Dinsdale, who are you IRL? Which of my dirty secrets are you privy to? :wink:

I too shall toast **Polycarp. ** He is one of the people that I simply MUST meet IRL someday.

Your wisdom, insight, and humor have brought many smile to my face, **Poly. ** I adore you.

In addition to adding my appreciation for Polycarp (who remains reasonable and honest in the face of ignorance), I’d think the proper term for the opposite of a pitting would be a “tipping”.

The term is “appreciation thread”. And no one deserves it more than Polycarp for his patience and loving attitude.

Calculating that tip might be a challenge. 15% of what?? :wink:

He has slept under my roof on more than one occasion. Envy me. :slight_smile:

I’ve been lucky to have known Polycarp online for more than three years now, and IRL for two. He’s just a real sweet guy. :slight_smile: