Is there any chance that these guys aren't gay?

Now, as I’ve said in other threads, I’m completely for gays in the military etc… so this isn’t about that. I’m asking, exclusively, what this guy is thinking when he tells this story and if he really expects anyone to believe it. Relevant piece quoted below:

Now, I lived in the barracks as a young military dude. Guys do NOT lay in bed together half naked and watch Vampire Dairies unless they are gay. Even in the very tight quarters of a dorm.

As I said before, to each his own and the fact that gayness happened here is not of concern to me. I’m honestly curious though if any sane person would believe the story Jones is telling. Now he’s stuck in a shitty situation, that’s for sure but this story aint gonna get him cleared in my opinion.

Yes gay. The sad part is why is this such a big f’n deal? (I’m too lazy to read the article so maybe I’m missing something.)

Yes, I could believe it.

The truth is always stranger than fiction. I’d believe it.

Not necessarily gay at all (would that it were; love is great). Only in a society where men fear being classified as gay to a neurotic extent is this behaviour suspect.

Are you a guy or gal? Just curious.

Concur. This does not happen. You never even touch another dude’s rack, much less lay on it with him in your underwear (or on your clothes). Straight dudes don’t lay in beds together anyway, but especially not in a military barracks where homophobic paranoia is jacked to eleven. Gaydar says gay gay gay gay gay gay gay.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but there is zero chance their story is true.

Gay as the day is long…

Is the Pope Catholic?


That story has more air in it than a car tire. They would of been better off admitting they were gay. Then they would be protected by Obama’s new military rules.

The only time it’s ok to lay with another dude is if it’s really really really fucking cold.

Any other time is gay.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

I worked in hotels and I can say if we only had singles left (one bed) and there were two guys they would always scream they HAD to have another bed, they couldn’t possibly sleep in the same bed.

On the other hand two women, straight or gay, could care less if they had to share a bed.

Totally gay. Even the most “secure” straight man on earth wouldn’t do what these guys are accused of.

Maybe some ‘Day After Tomorrow’ type cold. Maybe.

I’ve lived in squad-bays, two-man and three-man rooms and no one EVER touched someone else’s rack let alone lay on in it their skivvies.

They’re gay. Don’t care. Really shouldn’t be an issue.

Ive slept in the same bed as someone gay, but I knew nothing was going to happen because I trusted them. Theres more than one culture in the world or apparently Im the only secure straight guy in the world.

So theoretically yes it can happen, but given that particular environment it does seem awfully unlikely. Given they’re not being charged with ‘being gay’, it does seem like an endrun is occurring because it wouldnt fit the criteria needed to be discharged under that.


Hell, I’m a (straight) guy, and I’ve shared a bed with various of my (also straight) friends, who really cares? A bed (almost) always beats the floor and you’re only sleeping.
Who really knows if they are gay or not, but I doubt many people will believe their story.

But did you lie around in your underwear watching Vampire Diaries together in bed?

I can think of one element which added to this story could easily make it plausible that both guys are hetero. Alcohol. Two guys watching the Vampire Diaries in their underwear sober and fall asleep on the same bed:not all that likely. Two guys watching the Vampire Diaries drinking a few sixpacks or playing a drinking game (and you know some good drinking games could be built around the Vampires Diaries), get absolutely plastered and pass out on the same bed: real possible.

They would still never be in their underwear.

Spill enough stuff (or vomit) and I could see some scenarios where they might end up in their underwear. Also we all know alcohol does “interesting things” to one’s decision making abilities. Drunks sometimes decide stripping off their clothes is a good did idea for completely non-sexual reasons.

Guy. I understand why you’re asking, I think.