Is there any correlation between a cat's fur texture and its sex?

From my very limited sample of 5 cats (two current and three former), I noticed that the three females had very soft fur, while the two males had somewhat coarser fur.

Is there any correlation here, or is it totally unrelated?

Are there any physical attributes of a cat (besides plumbing) that distinguishes male from female? Could a boy cat identify a girl cat from a photo?

Probably not, but keep in mind that un-neutered males are probably interested in fighting, feeding, and fu… mating, so their fur might tend to be more ragged.

I have 2 male cats, both siblings, and one unrelated female. One male has the softest fur and his brother has the roughest.

Not in our house:

2 boys, one soft, one coarse
5 gals, ranging from so soft you want to shave her and make a blanket to so coarse you don’t want to pet her too long.