Is there any evidence that men who were breast fed are "breast men" today?

I’ve never heard anything about this but it makes sense. I’ve always been a leg/ass man (tmi?) and was not breast fed while my brother is a breast man and was breats fed. Surely strict science such as this warrants a new theory, no, law. Has this idea every been theorized?

I’d always heard the opposite: Guys that weren’t breast-fed are obsessed with breasts. It’s as if they miss them because they never got any.

As for myself, I was adopted as an infant, was never breast-fed, and I think that breasts are fabulous.

I think that we need less theorizing and more data.

Sure, that’s logical…breast-fed female babies ALWAYS grow up to ogle other women’s breasts…and the Pope controls the stock market. :wink: - Jinx

What would your theory predict about women who were breast fed as infants vs. women who were bottle fed?

I’m an ass/leg man, and don’t like large breasts. Dem mosquite bites are fine with me.

I was breast fed by mom and my aunt, but never drank from a bottle. Straight from breast fed to cups. And my mom has fairly large breasts, if that means anything.

I don’t know. I was leg-fed, but I’m not a leg man. :slight_smile:

Probably as much evidence as that supporting the assumption men who were bottle fed have a bottle collection.

By the way, here’s my take on this question. (See especially my last entry):

I was breast fed and am definitely a leg man. Please don’t try and get a government grant to study this theory. :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose natural birth men would be more inclined to go down there than those born by C-section?

Reminds me of a pretty funny monologue I saw. The guy is in a deep philosophical mode and explains: A man spends the first nine months in a warm place, where he is happy and comfortable and feels no pain. After that time he is sent out to the world where is is cold and painful and uncomfortable. He then spends the rest of his life trying to get out of this world by the same way he got here.

A girlfriend once told me that what she liked about me was how enthusiastically I went down on her. Who wouldn’t? Down there you are close to your origins, to a time when you had no worries. When I am eating pussy I have no worries and the world is a happy place. Maybe if I was born by C-section I’d feel differently.

Well, I know that I wasn’t ass-fed but I am an ass man.

Also, I was not breast-fed, like MrNeutron I was adopted. I am more attracted to women with small breasts than large ones.

I wan’t breast fed… and I don’t know anyone who likes breasts more than I.

How would that theory relate to pre-bottle times? Think back to when babies got the breast or nuthin’… Surely leg-men predate the arrival of glass bottles with rubber nipples, no?
I was breast fed. I love a guy w/ nice legs but am not fond of men w/ large breasts. :smiley:

“I was breast fed by mom and my aunt . . .”

What? Your AUNT breast fed you, too? Was this only after you drained your mom’s jugs and and her aunt decided she’d donate a little milk for the cause . . .

Oh, and I like all of the above: breasts, ass, and legs, and will gladly have sex with any woman that has any one or even none of the above . . . basically any woman with a pulse that is not grossly obese.

As I’ve remarked before in many a thread, I think thatDesmond Morris had it right when he saw the female breast as a buttock-mimic signal. This view has been derided frequently, but for me the clincher is that the gelada baboon also has a reproductive area-mimic on the chests of its females. Significantly, this mimic does not resemble human buttocks, but does resemble the idiosyncratic rump area of the gelada female. From this site:

That, to me, explains both ass men and breast men. I still can’t figure out leg men. But then again, not being a leg man myself, I don’t understand leg men to begin with.

I was IV-fed by the Borg. Now I administer databases.

I’m an ass man but I don’t think that accurately reflects where my early meals came from.

I wasn’t breast fed, I am a leg man, and I am not sure if there is a connection. I will tell you one thing, though. I absolutely lose control in the condiment aisle of grocery stores. I love the variety, the curves, the oh so supple give… all those little plastic bottles… shapely, beautiful, sexy little plastic bottles… bottles… ahem. excuse me.
Oh yeah, Mrs. Butterworth, I know what you want. You like that, don’t you Mrs. Butterworth? Yeah baby, who’s your daddy?

Well, I wasn’t breast fed and I love large breasts.

I also love trim thighs.

Unfortunately, these two attributes seem to be contraindicated in most of the female population.

My earliest memories are from when I was about 4. I have no idea whether I was breast-fed or not. The women I’ve been involved with tend to have B or C cup breasts, if that tells you anything.