Is there any free (or very cheap) DVD ripping software?

I would like to rip a couple of DVDs. I have a DVD rom installed, however it didntt come with any ripping capable software.
I have a PII - 450 MHZ machine with 512 M of RAM, and a 64 meg Radeon video card, if it matters…

Any suggestions?

You’ll probably want to start in the Guides section.

Note that the site only provides downloads to free, legal programs and is only a resource for making personal backups of legal DVDs, or so the disclaimer states.

Thanks, that looks like a winner.

As far as the legal aspect, these are video DVD`s my brother burned and coded to be played on a normal DVD player. I want to decrypt them to be able to edit them. This software looks like it will do the trick.

Gordian Knot is a GUI front for a bunch of separate programs. DVDDecrypt does the ripping, DVD2AVI converts to AVI and Virtualdub & Nandub allow editing and converting to DivX, BeSweet allows audio file conversions, VobSub subtitles, etc. The programs are command line programs but you can use the Gordian Knot interface.

I have been messing with GKnot a lot for a few months now and the learning curve is very steep.

Other programs which allow Ripping and converting but no editing are Davideo and DivXMachine.