Is there any gaming laptop that actually cools well?

Every gamer laptop I’ve researched - Eluctronik Max 17, Acer Predator Helios, Razor Blade 15, etc. has had a multitude of complaints about dangerously high heating in the CPU. Is there any gamer laptop that actually does in fact cool things well?

Have you looked at external water cooling units?
Also, the KLIM Cool+ is a miracle worker, according to a couple of my friends.
KLIM Cool+ | KLIM Technologies | Built to last. Built for you. (

I got a Sager, which isn’t a very well known brand, but came highly recommended by friends into laptops. I’ve never had any heating issues I ever noticed with the CPU or GPU(2060 mobile). Been a nice workhorse for 2 years or so. Although I’ve never watched the temps, simply because there has never been an issue. I don’t even really even use the fan pad underneath it except for height. If I remember I’ll watch a temp monitor while it runs 3DMark sometime this weekend.

The only heating issue is if I set my Scotch beside it, I end up with annoyingly warm Scotch :frowning: , because it does dump a lot of heat out the vents.

ETA: It Maybe closer to 18 months, Covid has got my sense of time passage all FUBARed

What sort of gaming do you do, if I might ask?

You can have it compact enough to fit in a laptop. You can have it with high performance. You can have it run cool.

Pick any two of the three.

You want to avoid thin and/or lightweight models.

Bit of this, bunch of that. Assuming you are curious about system-killers, Cyberpunk and Valhalla are the most recently released games I’ve put real time in on. RDR2 is a pretty heavy system hitter. Valheim, Borderlands 3, Valheim, Forza Horizon 4.
If you were looking for something else info wise, let me know.

I guess I should mention I’ve been playing on the 17 inch monitor, so I haven’t been trying to push to 4k.

I know them well. Back in my days as a computer salesman (so many years ago) I used to sell that brand. They made a good product. The funny thing is that a lot of laptops you buy from the big names (Dell, HP, etc.) are Sager laptops with their brand put on it. I bet a lot of people have owned a Sager laptop without knowing it.

No complaints here. But The Sager branded ones don’t have much local support. I was looking to upgrade the second m2 SSD drive and looked for any certified repair, and there were none without a major shipping charge.

I just did it myself, and there were no void warranty points I noticed at all, but no issues at all since I did it.

(well except the complete incompetence of game developers to actually write code to take advantage of fast SSD. Let us now all bow our heads in prayers that M$ DirectStorage will actually create a core to guide lazy application devs to use NVMe SSD near it’s potential)

Any gaming laptop that isn’t maxing out CPU & GPU temps is a laptop with more headroom for performance that they’re not using. Chips these days are designed to self limit themselves to safe operating temperatures. A well cooled laptop just allows you to run the chips faster for longer before throttling, but will still throttle at the same temps as every other laptop.

I’m pretty sure every gaming laptop comes with utilities that allow you to lower the temperature that chips will throttle at if you’re willing to put up with lower performance for lower temps. There’s no point in selling a laptop that does that at the factory rather than giving the user the choice.

It’s intended more for graphic design than gaming but MSI’s Prestige ultrabook feels very cool and runs all of the games I play on high or ultra. Admittedly, I tend to wait for games to get cheap so I’m not playing 2021 titles on it. It was a gift from President Trump and I’m very happy with it.

The Prestige vents the heat up (between the screen and the keyboard) instead of to the side. It makes a major difference in how hot the laptop feels.

That’s funny, because Sager machines are just rebranded Clevo machines. I’ve owed several Sager laptops.

The best thing about them was easy customization, both when ordering and once it was in my hands. Didn’t even have to remove the entire bottom of the machine to throw in another drive, each 2.5" drive bay had its own separate cover. And even when you took the whole bottom cover off, it was easy to work on the guts (for a laptop).

Ahh, I had thought Clevo was just their European brand name.