Is there any poll about religious views of Dopers?

Like x% theist; y% secular… Google’d a bit but couldn’t see anything.

Thank you.

There was one a while back I think, maybe someone will remember enough to link the thread.

Start A Poll, Man.
But it , of course, will only tell you of the religious beliefs of Dopers Who Responded To The Poll.
I believe in “God”, I think… but not in any of the divisive “organized” ways.
There, you have 1 response.
100% of Dopers, so far, believe in “God” , I think.

50 already. Antitheist here.

Too many to count. A sampling of some recentish ones:

The Definitive Doper Religion Poll.

Do you believe in a God?

Atheist or Other?

What are your religious beliefs?

Religious poll.

Are you a Theist, Agnostic, Atheist or Anti-Theist?

SDMB religiosity poll.

Also many others, plus polls on virtually every other variation on the topic. Short take away - the SDMB membership skews much more heavily non-religious than the American population at large ( granted this board has a broad international membership, but it is still U.S.-based and largely U.S.-centric ).