Is There Any Reason I Couldn't Open A Restaurant That Serves Human Meat?

I suspect that there are plenty of people out there who are curious about what it would be like to eat another person’s flesh. I also believe that many of these individuals would be willing to pay exorbitant prices for the opportunity to do so.

Furthermore, I think that there are many people who would like to be consumed- perhaps not killed in order to be consumed, but have their remains eaten by others upon their demise. Plus, there’s the whole recycling thing.

Would there be anything illegal about someone rounding up volunteers who, upon death, would be willing to donate their bodies for the purpose of being cooked and served to others as food? Would it be feasible??

I know it isn’t safe to serve human brains, but would the rest safe to eat, assuming that it has been properly prepared?


AFAIK every state in the union has laws on the books on legal methods of disposing of human remains. Serving them on a bed of wild greens with a choice of rice or potato is not among them.

You’d probably be in breach of legislation relating to the disposal of corpses.

Could Surreal start up a cruise ship line, and serve us these delicacies out in international waters? I imagine pirate meat would be a bit tough though.

Could Surreal culture human tissue in vats and serve that instead of getting his tissue from ex-humans?

It wouldn’t be necessary to serve corpse meat if you could find volunteers willing to give up an arm or a leg.

I once read about people who have an over-powering desire to have have pieces of themselves amputated. There’s a proper scientific / medical name for the condition but I can’t find any info on it now.

Just like the sexual exploitation of children off-shore, I recon the various countries’ legislatures would be tripping over themselves to pass extra-territorial legislation so fast that the cops would be waiting at the pier when the very first boatload of customers returned. You’d be in jail before the ink was dry.

There was, what I assume to have been an urban legend, about a restuarant somewhere in the far east that served “long pig”. This was circulating in the 40’s and 50’s, but I haven’t heard about it in years.
It was supposed to be very exclusive, by invitation only, and very, very, expensive.
I even have a recollection of reading a reference to it in a novel, although I can’t remember the name of the book.

I am not coming to your [DEL]house[/DEL] restaurant to [DEL]have[/DEL] be dinner!

CMC fnord!

Would it be any different if you opened a restaurant where people could, after signing various waivers, consume their own flesh?


Apotemnophilia, or Body Integrity Identity Disorder. There was a story on “Untold Stories of the ER” where a guy came in who had amputated his own hand. He kept insisting that they just fix the stump and that he would just cut it off again if they didn’t. They had an ethics committee meeting and decided that abiding by the man’s wishes was the way to go, as much as it was hard for them not to try to reattach the hand.

I’m not sure about the legality of it, but you can bet you’ll get a lot of bad publicity from Charleton Heston…

(Look, somebody had to, okay?)

Forget the “disposal of a corpse” nonsense. I believe the USDA or the FDA would come down on you like a ton of Brickers.

If somehow it turned out to be legal, you can bet they’d ramrod legislation through to make it illegal, at either the state or federal level (or both), before opening day.

Come on… everyone knows you sever human flesh with fava beans on the side, with a nice chianti to wash it down!

Not so. Not human flesh. Dr Lecter only refers to having eaten the guy’s liver.


Perhaps you could serve some HUFU instead. Either that or some Spam.


I don’t understand why. Everyone knows human flesh tastes like chicken.