Is there any truth to charcoal neutralising an acid trip myth? is there another way?

Just asking if anyone can enlighten.

You’re tripping right now, aren’t you?

No. My tangerines always explode into an infinite ball of colour, thank you.

I doubt it. When my former stepson took voluminous quantities of LSD, 10 years ago, they gave him nothing in the ER. He was given water to drink but they just left him in a room for several hours until he “came down.” They said there wasn’t anything they could give him to neutralize the effects. He wasn’t a risk of harming himself so a sedative wasn’t necessary.

Phenothiazine drugs such as Thorazine are sometimes used in emergency room treatment of bad LSD trips. Or at least they were back in the '60s and '70s, when I accompanied a few trippy friends to the hospital.

A guy who runs a popular website about a certain psychedelic drug chiming in. Nope. Standard medical procedure in such a case, so long as the patient was in no physical danger, is to just tell patient: “You’re high on a drug. It’ll wear off. Relax.” And then observe patient until they sober up. Basically, with LSD, unless the person were to ingest a truly enormous amount (as in 1,000+ times as much as the typical street dose), it isn’t physically dangerous. As pinkfreud stated, many years ago some doc may have thought administering Thorazine was wise. Today, given that administering Thorazine is known to be more dangerous than just letting the LSD wear off, for obvious reasons in an ER the latter will be preferred.

After the LSD wears off, standard procedure in an ER is to lecture the patient “don’t do that again!”, and send them home. Time tends to heal.