Is this true? marijuana

Well, I met a guy a while ago who was on a perminent trip from acid because acid collects in the bottom of your spine. He got in a motor bike accident and ever since has been out of it. He’s usually heard saying, “Dude, look at that fuzz…”

Well, anyway I was talking to someone who said that if you take marijuana, some THC stores in your fat cells and when you burn fat it is rereleased into your body and you can get a high. I’ve done a bit of marijuana in my day and have never had this fat burning high they’re talking about. Can this fat burning high with weed happen? Maybe i’ve just never burned fat in my life and don’t know what it’s like, lol i am 35 pounds under weight so maybe…

i forgot to add, in that motor bike accident he cracked his spine and rereleased it and some how cant stop tripping.

You are really misinformed.

No, acid doesn’t accumulate in the spine. However, AFAIK, it is possible to trip to the point that it doesn’t end, ever, and that is not a pleasant thing.

It sounds like your friend hit his head. Changes in personality have been noticed in people who have suffered head trauma.

Sure. I stored up and now when I want to get high all I do is run around the block a few times. I also stored up acid in all my bones so now when I want to trip I just crack my knuckles. You’d think the supply would eventually run out, but no.


I, having consumed plenty of the green grass myself, can say that it doesn’t happen.

What gets stored in your fat cells are the metabolites of THC–what’s left over after your body “processes” the THC. These metabolites won’t get you high. Thew are also what is tested for in drug tests. Incidentally, everything I’ve read says that you could be at a higher risk of failing a drug test if you have shed weight that was gained while smoking.

I recommend you read this, and then read all of the links on the left side of the page as well.

Agreed on the hit the head part. LSD is water soluable and destroyed by the body very quickly. It does not get store anywhere, urban legends to the contrary. It is not stored in your fat, spinal fluid, brain, or any other part.

This is almost certainly not related to past LSD use. I would suggest the AFAIK is incorrect, though. Even people who have attempted to commit suicide by LSD overdose recovered and didn’t trip forever. (BTW, there are no known cases of death by LSD overdose, I still pity the people for the experience they had while trying, though.)

The only reported long term effect report is persistent visual disturbances. Not the same as actually tripping. This is also very rare, and may not be a real condition at all. People have visual disturbances all the time, they just go unnoticed. A user on LSD may notice this for the first time on the drug and then be aware of it all the time afterwards. (A bit oversimplified, but probably gets the point across.)

On to the real OP question:
THC does accumulate briefly in fat. If you are not smoking, it gradually leeches back out and is removed from the body. I suppose it is possible that if you had smoked alot quite recently, and then went without food, you could get enough THC back in your system that you could “notice” it, but not much more than that.

Are you saying that Dragnet lied to me?

A minimum lethal dose is on the order of 5000 typical doses. It is unusual that even a dealer would have enough on hand at a given time to do the job.

If you survive long enough to notice the “normal” effects, you didn’t take enough. LSD kills by causing respitory failure. If enough is ingested to cause this, it should occur before the subject is noticably altered mentally.

Speaking strictly of physical safety, LSD is one of the safest (if not the safest) psycho active compounds known to man.

Dammit! Once again, Cliffy was too slow.


Yes, that’s why people ask questions. :wink:

lol, if only it were plausible. :frowning:

Thanks for clearing me up everyone, I guess I always accepted the acid one as true, but I was pretty sure the marijuana one was false. Silly American education system and it’s lies to scare me away from drugs. (yes those fables were told to me by the health teacher) :rolleyes:

You’re wrong, it’s pot.

Sorry, marijuana is the safest psychoactive substance known to man.

Is that in pill form? Presumably smoking it probably isn’t all that healthy. How about a liquid or cream?

You know what would be cool? THC in sunblock! :smiley:

I suppose I should ask whether THC can be absorbed effectively through the skin, before I go investing in Acapulco Gold Sunblocker.

I’m weird enough as it is without adding drugs into the mix.

Sometimes, exceptionally wierd people mellow out on drugs and behave more conventionally altered than straight.

I know a girl that way. She is a spaz all the time, to the point that it gets pretty tedious sometimes. I can always tell if she has been smoking, because she doesn’t get on my nerves then.

So how safe are Magic Mushrooms then? Assuming the person takes an “average” dosage… say, 2 - 4 grams?

Anyone know?


Well, that very well could be, but I have a lot going against me:
I have ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and a family history of substance abuse. I don’t think I want to tempt fate.