Living up to it

Apart from being a pothead I have kept myself away from ilegal drugs so far. There have been enough prescribed drugs though. Doc knows what she s doing. Doc knows.

Reading up on some drugs like e, acid and amphetamines, as well as the meds I used to have to take I find that they all got pretty much the same long term effects.
So - you know what?

I ll live up to it. With this I mean that when I move away from Austria I will damn well try E and Acid. I have read about them and a lot of my friends take them sometimes. I always wanted to know how that high feels, but “long term effects” kept me from it.
This is not very logic, but why should I take the fucking long term effects if I dont get the goods? Goods - as in a nice evening of getting totally smashed with friends?!

Just had to rant about this.
Sure I needed the meds (most of them - of course it shows that a doctor is not a god - and she did prescribe useless stuff with millions of side effects as well) but nobody took the time to tell me what long term effects they got.



no need to reply I just had to tell somebody…

Dodgy, I’d be the last person on earth to decry the evils of various drugs. Believe me.

But drug interactions can be devastating. If you’re on prescription anything, downing recreational chemicals can be insanely dangerous.

Please be careful.

A word about acid (LSD).

Pure acid has a ‘high’ that is basically you’re witnessing the demalination(sp?) of your optic nerve. Hence the distorted visuals/hallucinations. This is the same effect that people with Multiple Sclerosis get, only they don’t seem to like it. I’m no doctor but I don’t think peeled nerves regenerate.

Most of the acid you get is not pure, but laced with something speedy, like strychnine or amphetimine. So you are dissolving your nerve endings and speeding at an unknown rate.

Not to be a stick-in-the-mud, but lots of coffee and a good whack on the head is cheaper and safer.

And what’s this about people dying from E? Is it extra-strong doses or were they compromised before they started slamming unregulated drugs?

I don’t preach, and I don’t rave. But if I were to rave it might be after a big pot of strong coffee and a thumb sized spliff. Maybe :slight_smile:


Another voice of caution. Your doctor and pharmacist know what drugs you are taking and how they do or do not interact with one another.

Will the person who gives you E or Acid have the same knowledge?


dustMagnate, I have never heard anything about delamination of the optic nerve, if that is what you meant. Do you have a cite for this? Are you a doctor? I tried acid a couple of times when I was younger. I don’t recommend it, because it really screws up your memory, and can make you very paranoid if the conditions surrounding the trip aren’t right. Also, you are right that it is often mixed with other things, and what you are getting may really be PCP or something worse. Ecstasy is not a good idea either, a girl from near where I live died just recently because it made her so thirsty she drank too much water, and yes you can die from that. That was the actual autopsy report, it was in all the local papers.

As I stated above I am not a doctor. Or even an expert. I am a ‘what’s wrong with me?’ enthusiast. And I don’t pretend to be anything more. As far as a cite goes, this ain’t GD. A couple of friends of mine have MS. This is where my demalination (mal–something/ nerves) theory comes from, a buddy just diagnosed with (in remission) MS trying to come to grips with losing his balance gave me a vivid description of what was going on with him physically. Stuck with me, made sense. He said it was the same thing that happens to you with LSD. The covering of your nerves (mal–(?)) peels off. Any experts out there? I am officially out of my league now.

Someone also once told me that the state considers you insane if you’ve done acid more than seven times. Sounds like urban myth, but nothing surprises me.

Can’t tell you about any major medical conditions or anything, but my hubby still has acid flashbacks that freak him out at really odd moments. That, and his short term memory is pretty much non-existant. I don’t know that the acid did that, or if it was something else he was using, though.


Not to wade into this, but . . .

The sheath around nerves is called “myelin.” When it is removed for some reason it’s “demyelinization.” (I know this because my brother suffered an acute attack of Guillain-Barre Syndrome last year. And your optic nerve does NOT regenerate. I know this I have a condition that causes limited degeneration of the optic nerve and I have been advised by my doctor that the limited vision I have lost can never be recovered.


So what drugs are you currently on now? If you’re on any form of SSRI for depression LSD is an incredibly bad idea (not to mention if you’re on any drug for depression). Not to mention if you’re the depressed type you’ll most likely have a bad trip. Hey, I dealt with SSRIs + LSD and all had to deal with years of bad flashbacks and handfuls of antipsychotic drugs. :confused:

LSD imitates the serotonin molecule and utilizes its pathways throughout the brain. Now see most drugs for depression, especially the SSRIs, potentiate the chemical (serotonin) that moves along these pathways by an enourmous factor. LSD alone is potent enough to do damage to these specific neural pathways, but mix it with one of the many drugs prescribed for depression and you could be doing some irrepairible brain damage.

What long term effects would those be?


hey dodgy, acid can be fun, and ive taken a lot of it (all a long time ago). nobody i know has ever had flashbacks, or short term memory loss, or any of that, really. its a lot less potent than it was back in the day, and, if one is not on prescription medication, it can be a great deal of fun, and enlightening as all get out as well.


one must have peace of mind when one decides to take a trip. anything weighing heavily on your mind stands a good chance of being greatly magnified, and then, its a bad trip, which is no fun at all, but wont make you jump out the window, 60s style.

if you are going to do it, dont do it alone, find some friends you trust who have done it before and like it, and do it with them. but please, think hard before you go there.

“I will not make pronouncements with words I can’t spell…”

Thank you Jodi for clearing up my personal ‘what’s a nerve sheath called?’ mystery. Don’t know about your condition, but my brother was recently diagnosed with glaucoma: he was only 44. Once he started the daily drops the degeneration was arrested. If he ever stops the drops it will pick back up again.

And Dodgy, if MDs have been giving you powerful drugs it might be wise to keep them informed. -R

I am off my meds now - so I am on nothing any more (cheers!)
I was just angry when I wrote this so I am not really gonna run into the nextbest dealer and purchase all I can afford.

dutMagnate: “Someone also once told me that the state considers you insane if you’ve done acid more than seven times.” If that is true it s not much of a change for me, first off I am not in the states and - I am considered insane by quite a lot of people already. Besides - I dont think I d want to do more than try it once. (I know… you can never know)

essvee - I know the “peace of mind” thing is very important. Good mood = good trip Bad mood = Bad trip - although possibly Good mood = bad trip as well…

A lot of people here have real problems, but I am sick of finding myself whining about side effects that will be pretty common when my generation gets older. What I really want is kick the doc in the groin who answered my question for “side effects” with “there are no sideffects. No really!” Later she told me, she had not trusted me to take the meds so she just decided it would be better to lie. Yes, sure… I dont have a right to know what I am poisoning myself with. And yes, it took her about 4 minutes of talking about symptoms to decide what I needed. (it wasnt a prob for her to charged two hours of talking though). She took my milde insomniac “voices” for something they werent. A sleeping pill would have done, but the anti-psychotic she prescribed made me sleepy too, so why complain? Course I didnt know any of this back then and I was not in the position to complain.

I ll try find you the cites :wink: for the long term stuff… but I didnt make bookmarks so it might take a bit time…

I only remember that some SSRIs will damage something about your serotonin in the same way E would if you take it a lot.
(yes - I know - it kind of was already damaged)

Also some of my friends have this weird twitching thing sometimes, which I think (but dont exactly know) is caused by Acid. Ditto for dodgy.
The same med will make my memory decrease a lot the older I get. That isnt certain of course, but it happens to 50 % of the people who took it as long as I did, and as I already got the twitching thing (also for 50 - 60 %)I ll just wait for… uhm what was I waiting for again?
There was A LOT about the neuroleptics too, I think tranquis are the only thing that is okay… ah… I ll go search…

I know I’m gonna kick myself for this…


And a minor rant from me. You complain that the doctor said no side effects. Did you ASK about them? Did you go and find a prescription book and look them up? Yes, a good doctor will tell you. However, do some of your own dman work too. I’m currently on 7 prescription drugs, and depending on the outcome of a blood test next week, I could go on 2 more. I KNOW ALL THE SIDE EFFECTS from those 7. Because I took the time to look them up.

If you’re not getting the care you want from a doctor, be a better goddamn consumer. But don’t tell me that I could take E or LSD to do the same thing as the Paxil I take. I SERIOUSLY doubt that.

No it’s not. Why would anyone make the already difficult job of synthesizing Lysergic Acid Diethylimide even harder by putting more chemicals in it!? LSD, when mishandled by exposure to sunlight and heat, breaks down into chemicals that when ingested have strycnine-like effects but are not in themselves inherently poisonous.

Set and Setting. Your mind-set and the setting you are in will determine the type of trip you will experience. If you go into it with a pissy attitude and you are in an enviroment you are uncomfortable with than you will have a ‘bad trip’. An LSD trip is an experience that will last you at least 12 hours. And it is sometimes very intensely emotional. My suggestion is take it somewhere you are comfortable and you like to hang, and do it with friends. Before you take it, ensure that you are in a calm and rational frame of mind. Get into a fight with the parents and the then chow down on the acid at the mall and you are asking for trouble.


Speaking from the far side of 20+ years of active drug use-

I would definitely recommend against lysergic acid.
I think that even prolonged use of pot has warped me from how I might have otherwise turned out.

I ain’t saying that all the little warps are bad, but there are some I really really wish had not manifested.

I am not trying to lecture you at all, I’m just trying to urge you to use caution, and to err on the side of abstinence, if I may.

I think though, that you are doing research and seem to be doing so in a fairly intelligent way, and from your posts, seem to be quite level-headed, so I trust you’ll do right by yourself.

I wish you the best.

I couldn’t make sense of it either, Falcon.

. . .

It does happen: strycnine & phennies turn up in street acid. I can’t say how often they do (not like it’s something easy to make an accurate study on) but they do. Both happen to heighten the nervous system so less LSD is needed to ellicit the effect. Still I wish they didn’t do it–it’s not like acid is expensive to make and all it takes is getting down to a mere millionths of a gram dosage-wise to activate a trip.

Cough! cough! forgot the diethylamide. :wink:

Really? :smiley:

[sup]me too ;-)[/sub]

I done told you a little about my childhood in that other thread.
So you know I’m apt to commit these kinds of omissions and other fauxs pas.
So for you to pick on me so un-mercifully means only one thing.
You are the devil.
You are evil dripping from a raw industrial sewer.
You are the kind of cheap opportunist that really belongs in the very worst of prisons, punking for some big hairy guy.
You are a bane on the good name of serial killers everywhere.

This does not, of course, in any way, preclude a possible friendship…:wink:

Long, long ago, in a lifetime far away, my (now former) SO thought it would be a good thing for me to try acid. Thought it would bring us closer together, enhance my creativity, and improve my life overall. At the time, I had smoked pot a few times, and been drunk a few more than that. I was actually terrified at the idea of trying acid, and so flatly refused.

Well, the SO really thought I needed to try it, though, and slipped it to me without my knowledge (in an oreo, near as I can figure.) Now, at that time, I had all sorts of nasty shit from my childhood, all sealed up in neat little boxes, bound with ribbon and boldly marked, “DO NOT DISTURB!”

BAM! They exploded. Everything was paraded before my wondering eyes on uncountable levels. I was overwhelmed, I didn’t know what was going on. I freaked. I thought I had to go meet some dolphins who were coming in on the midnight train. A week later, I still felt like I was tripping. I ended up with a month-long, all-expense paid vacation in a psychiatric hospital, and anti-pscyhotic meds for 3 months to follow. The SO said that I “just couldn’t hack it”.
Eusabian said:

And how. There is no way to even come close to describing those hours.
It was the worst experience of my life. Yet, in a way it did some good; it was a catalyst. It forced me to open up all of those little boxes, examine what was in them, deal with it and accept it as a part of my life. I never want to do it again. It freaked my shorts.

So I would never recommend it to someone who has existing psychological issues, no matter what the origin of those issues. LSD is just way too hairy. There you have my .02. Be very careful.

I have no input on any of the other drugs “on the market”.

I’ve had good experiences on LSD, and a couple of bad trips, but nothing that stuck with me, just typical being afraid of the freaky things going on in your head and worrying that it will never stop (it never lasts longer than 8 hours for me, but time slows down a LOT on acid).

That thing about doing LSD a certain number of times making you legally insane is an urban legend. I’ve never hear anything about LSD causing deterioration of you neural sheathing either. And LSD is not significantly weaker than it was in the 60s, and if it was it wouldn’t matter much, since it has no further effect if you take over a certain amount, no difference between eating 10 hits and a hundred, if it’s pure.

This is a myth.