Is there any way to donate my eggs to science?

That’s the question. I seem to have all these eggs that I don’t intend to ever use. (I plan to have my tubes tied.) I Googled and found lots of sites that say you can donate your eggs for other people’s pregnancy, but I think that’s irresponsible and I don’t aprove it for myself.

Anybody know?

Please, no one come in here and tell me this is immoral. It’s GQ, factual answers only, thanks! :slight_smile:

I have actually seen advertisements (more like nice invitations, really) from respectable instituations asking for women to donate eggs. Now, I am not 100% sure if this was to cause pregnacy in others, or not, as that was a while ago.

Things is, I would have, seeing as I intended, like you, to have no use for them but they did specify that they only wanted women who already had children. SO I don’t know how that applies to you. (I know I thought, "you condescending lot - I bet this is because you don’t trust people to be quite sure that they do not want to have children… grrrrr)

So, perhaps if you have any large teaching/research hospitals or university medical departments in your locality, you coudl enquire of them.

I’m sorry if this is too much of a hijack and I am not asking you this because I disagree (I really have no opinion, being a single male) but why do you consider donating your eggs for pregnancy is irresponsible? The couple wanting the egg would obviously want to have a child very much to go through the trouble to have a baby in that fashion and, I would assume, take care of it even moreso than conventional parents for that reason.

You don’t have to answer but I’m just curious.

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I am not the OP (obviously) but I also have no need for my eggs. I have mental problems, so I don’t think anyone will want to make babies out of my eggs.

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Celyn: I will try that, thank you.


I don’t mind you asking. Let me shout, loud and clear, that I only believe it’s immoral for me. I certainly wouldn’t dream of stopping anyone else from doing it.
That being said, I do think it’s irresponsible enough to continue bringing new babies into this world with all the unwanted, unloved babies out there (I was almost one of them, so I barely escaped it). I can’t get around the idea of me farming out my eggs and bringing another baby into the world which I refuse to even be personally responsible for.

I don’t have any say in what they do, of course, but I wish more people would adopt. :slight_smile: I guess I think that every couple who has the financial resources should at least *consider * adopting a less fortunate child. Just consider it. That’s all.

If I ever have kids, it will most certainly be an adoption. But it’s highly unlikely that I would even do that.

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I think that sounds like a splendid idea. I’m never gonna use my eggs, either. Would they take them off my hands free of charge? What would they do with them if it were not for having babies?

… or clones :dubious:

I’m sure we’re talking about invasive surgery here, but I fiugre it’s not much more than getting my tubes tied.

And I would like to donate them for research. I think they would use them for stem cell research.

Which I wholeheartedly approve of.

Oh, so they’d take the eggs and fertilize them and grow a fetus, right? You need to do that to get the stem cells, right? I have no problem with this. Stem cell research seems very exciting and immensely beneficial to society. Can’t imagine why someone would want to stop it’s progress.

But that’s for another forum.

Thanks for the answer, Elenia; that makes sense.

And I’m happy to’ve brightened your day. :slight_smile: