Is there anything less interesting...?

I just ran a search to check up on a GQ I put to the teeming millions some time ago about MS Project (specifically: Urgent MS Project Query) and found no-one had replied. What’s more, I noticed that a query by Zoid entitled: **MS Project 2000 - supress non working time ** had also not had any replies…

Is there anything less likely to get a response from Straightdopers than a Microsoft Project question?

I have nothing to say about MSProject, but I didn’t want another thread on the subject to go down without a single reply. Sorry. :slight_smile:

I started a thread about a kitten falling into a toilet while I was taking a leak. It sunk faster than the Titanic. A week later it had only 17 views and no replies. So I guess peeing on cats is not a popular topic.

Thank you all for your overwhelming support.

Cervaise - When it comes to MS Project, Ignorance truely is Bliss…

It’s always a good idea to work boobies into the title somehow. That was your first mistake.

How do I allocated Boobies in MS Project?

Yep, that definitely would have gotten some responses.

It never hurts to throw a “TMI” in your title. That draws people like you wouldn’t believe.

In this case, TMI could stand for “too many instructions.”