Is there anything we can do so we have a boy?

I took a course in genetics so I know that the odds of having a boy are 50/50, just like flipping a coin, and that having 3 girls has no effect on what the next child will be. What I am asking is if there is anything that can sway these odds to one side or the other. Mrs. Bailey is convinced that a Chinese astology chart she found gives accurate results…it tells you what days to have sex based on your age, what month it is, and when your period is due. I’ve tried to tell her that this is bunk but the only reply I get is, “it’s right for the 3 we have now.” She also claims that if she has an orgasm before I do it reduces the acidity in her vagina, causing the male sperm to swim faster. Any truth to this? Is there some kind of vitamin, mineral, or anything that can increase the odds that we’ll have a boy, or is it all left up to fate?

Adoption is the only sure method. Otherwise try try try again.

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I make no guarantees about the effectiveness.

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Well, there’s always in-vitro. The eggs are fertilized in the lab, and allowed to grow a bit before implantation; it should be possible to determine the sex of the embryo at that stage, so you could implant only the males. Also, since the X chromosome is larger (and thus heavier) than the Y, one theoretically could separate the sperm cells in a centrifuge, which should stack the deck a bit.

Your wife’s claims about orgasm timing sound a bit suspect; as far as I know, orgasm doesn’t affect vaginal pH. However, according to one research team, orgasm timing can affect the odds of getting pregnant.

On the subject of vaginal pH, I remember reading back in the late 80s about a ob-gyn doing some research in this area, using buffered douches to modify the pH, favoring one sex over the other. I have no idea what the results of this research were – I suspect they weren’t too spectacular; otherwise, there would have been quite a bit of publicity.

I heard that being wealthier- having a higher socioeconomic status- increases the odds you will have a boy.

We wanted to have a girl. My mother made some cryptic reference about a way to increase chances of having a girl, so I asked my gynecologist, he gave my a copy of a magazine article (I think he was trying not to roll his eyes about it). Anyhow, we tried it and we had a BOY! The strategy involved the acidity of the vagina, when in the month you have intercourse (at the beginning of ovulation or at the end), whether the man has ejaculated in the days prior or has “saved it up”, etc. Since it didn’t work, I can’t recommend it!

I’ve heard that both parents should quit smoking. Male fetuses are so much more fragile than female fetuses, that they succumb to things that the females survive. I don’t have any cites, but it sounds reasonable to me.

Why in the world would that work? :confused:

Well I haven’t heard it put that way either, but my guess might be this…

All the other mumbo-jumbo about how to have a boy is bsed on the supposition that the Y sperm are more fragile, and you do various things to supposedly increase the chances of this weak sperm from making it all the way to the egg. People with higher socioeconomic status tend to be healthier (better fed, more medical care, etc.) so therefore their Y sperm would be healthier???

This would also explain a corelation with wealth.

That makes sense. I guess the phrasing just threw me off… putting it that way made me think “So if I get pregnant now I’ll have a girl, but if I win the lottery tomorrow and get pregnant on Wednesday the money will make my kid a boy?”

The same way that most families have 2.5 kids… and you just try keeping that .5 kid out of trouble sometime!

Well, there is a rather brutally direct method. You’ll have to decide on the morality of it for yourself, but I understand it has been done.

  1. Get pregnant.
  2. Determine the sex of the fetus as early as possible.
  3. If necessary, have an abortion.
  4. Repeat as needed.

Or even more brutal, how about not putting another mouth to feed in the world just because you want to try for a son?

Or having a child and loving it no matter what its sex? Jeesh.

Just heard in the news that male sperm (y) are more delicate then female (x). The said that if you do things abusive like smoke or drink lots of caffene that you will have a better chance at having a girl. I’m not sure if it’s just the sperm producer or it includes that long swim as well.

Also rummers I’ve heard is that male sperm swim faster but burn out faster so having sex closer to ovulation should give hte y’s a better chance.

IIRC there are ivf methods where sperm are collected, spun in a ultra centrifuse then the lighter half (y) or heavier half x is used.

Damn that’s harsh woman. If you had said that to me I’d either be crying or bitching… prolly both actually.


Genetics Shmetics… there are clearly other factors at play. I’m a physiology major, so I shouldn’t say this, but I know so many families where the proportion of guys to girls among siblings and second cousins is to unbalanced to be by chance.

My Great great grandfather had only two sons, no girls
my great grandfather had five sons, no girls. (and his brother had two sons, no girls)
Of those 7 sons listed in the above two lines, only ONE GIRL WAS HAD
My dad had four brothers, no sisters
amongst my dad and his four brothers, only one girl has been born. (my sister)

that can’t be chance!

Depends… how serious are you about this? If you’re thinking along the lines of “Well, one more child will complete the family, and hey, if there’s any old wives tales I can try out that might help us get a boy, I’ll incorporate that into the creating” then you’ll probably just have to cross your fingers and hope for the best.

On the other hand, if you’re deadly serious about doing whatever it takes to have a boy, then you could consider doing a websearch on gender selection clinics to find more information. From a discussion I read a while ago I gathered that it costs around $1000, and in the words of the woman who posted it “they spin down your (husband’s) spermies and separate the girls from the boys then do an IUI basically on you with the selected spermies of your choice”. The board this is from isn’t always given to technical language. Anyway, she provided this link: I haven’t analysed the content of the site (other than to determine that it’s family friendly), so I just hope it’s useful to you.

Good luck! :slight_smile: Whatever it is, I hope it’s healthy.

TO tsarina:

Why does it matter to you what I do. We are prefectly capable of providing for another child so I don’t consider it “another mouth to feed.” Just because you’re a bitter woman. probably due to the fact that you can’t have your own, you do not need to take it out on me.

Have a terrific day!

Yeesh. I was just going to warn Tsarina to stick to the facts, but after that retort I can’t think of a single reason to leave this thread open.