Is there confirmation for the video/story of tanks in LA?

Video of tanks at an anti-war protest

I’d almost like to believe this is a hoax…

I’ve looked on google and been unable to find any hits other than those that link back to indymedia’s site.

Is this bull, or genuine?

It’s hard to see how it could be a hoax. I mean they are clearly (light) tanks, it is clearly on public streets, and they are clearly there because of the protestors (ie not just passing by) … I’m not sure what aspect you think may have been faked.

The kindest interpretation is that maybe an overenthusiastic national guard commander heard some garbled report of trouble and sent them out, a la Kent State.

Since Thursday is Veteran’s day… :dubious:

It’s just somewhat unsettling, and I suppose I’d rather it be old footage or such than a new and authentic piece of film.
I’m still interested to see if/how the major news networks run with it.

According to this report (scoll down to “Update 2” heading) the tank drivers were in fact lost, and their presence at an anti-war demonstration was just a weird coincidence.

From the above link:

No wonder they were lost – the West Los Angeles VA hospital is west of the 405 freeway. The Federal Building (where the protesters were) is east.

Someone could have given them right directions in ten seconds. “Oh, you want the VA hospital? Sure, go down to the red light there, then make a U-turn, go under the freeway, and it’ll be on your right side.”

That was a surreal video. Two tanks supported by…three cops on bicycles?!? Not what I’d call effective riot suppression…

And yeah, those tank drivers really did look lost. :slight_smile:

Not tanks. LAV-25’s. (Light Armored Vehicle). And not Strykers, that is the brand new, much heavier Army version of the LAV-25.