Is there hope, or is my mouse worn out?

My mouse has suddenly taken to sending a second ‘button click’ signal when the left button is released. This is extremely annoying - scrolling multiple pages when you intend only one, trying to open a menu only to have it immediately close, etc.

The mouse in question is a microsoft intellimouse (the early ergonomic shaped wheel mouse), and about 5 years old. I’ve disassembled it and thoroughly cleaned everything, to no avail. It gives the unintentional double-click even if I directly actuate the clicker switch with the cover off, though it seems to do so slightly less frequently than when clicking on the button with the mouse assembled.

I’m hypothesizing a weak spring inside the tiny black box containing the switch, but since the onset of the symptoms was quite sudden, that doesn’t seem quite right to me. Is this thing just worn out, or is there some hope it might begin to work properly again?

Give it up…you’ve used up your 5,000,000 clicks! Go buy another one.

I had the same problem a while back. Had to click 15 times to get it to click once, and then it would doubleclick! Not worth the aggravation and frustration. Also, spring for an optical mouse - no more cleaning rollers and balls!

Try setting your mouse double click speed with your intellimouse software. It might be set too sensitive.

if dat dont work. Buy a new one. Scroll mouses are pretty cheap nowadays. Just send your old mouse to that big mouspad in the sky. Thats what I did. When i came back down it went splat! into a hundred peices. My old cell phone is nearing that stage…

You might try it on another computer or another mouse on your computer just to make sure it’s the mouse.

5 years old? It’s FUBAR. Buy another, they’re not too expensive.

Truly an optical mouse rules, no more mousepads and no more roller lint. Use this as an excuse to get one.

Heh. Okay, I figured as much. And yes, I’ve had my eye on those optical mice for a while. A far greater advance in mouse tech than cordless, which imo is useless in most situations.

The sad thing is, I really really like the shape of these old ms mice, and I haven’t tried anything else that feels as nice.

Oddly enough, the old thing seems to be working okay right now. It’s probably just toying with me though.

(it’s not the double-click sensitivity setting - it’s getting a doubleclick signal from a single click)


Seriously. Get a cordless wheel mouse. I got a Logitech about a month ago. Love it!

No, no, no. Optical. Cordless is just a waste of $ and resources (it needs batteries) most of the time.

It is, as everyone else has said, probably the mouse. That having been said, I’ve seen dodgy video drivers cause the same thing.

But screwit, Gorsnak, you and I both know you want that lovely little Optical Intellimouse you saw sitting on the shelf at the computer store the other day. Its gleaming red eye caught your attention, drew you to it… you could barely drag yourself away.

Go on.

You know you want to.

I’m a recent convert to the optical mouse. It’s so much more sensitive than the balled mouse, and you don’t have to reach in there and clean out all of the schmegmer that inevitably accumulates over the period of a week.

I was originally entranced by cordless mice, but since I just learned they need [sup]gasp[/sup] batteries, I just lost all interest.

Yea, I find cordless mice a silly inconvenience… they are heavier (because of batteries), have to have batteries replace, and I’ve encountered several cases where they just don’t work, for a number of reasons… whereas a normal mouse is just plugged in and works.

I would suggest a cordless trackball for a laptop, though. THAT is invaluable, a fact I know all the more about since mine has a big ass cord. :-p

My optical one is a bit small for my hand so I’m making a mold of my big old klunky ball mouse to fit over it. You might want to do something similar.

Logitech Cordless Optical Trackball, w/scroll wheel, in USB, Rechargable AA battery…
'nuff Said.

Grrr. Now I’m peeved. :mad:

So, last Wednesday I purchase the adequate mouse that fit my budget - the basic ms optical wheelmouse. Slightly cheaper than the corresponding logitech, and it felt better.

By Saturday, I’d developed fairly serious pain in my right hand, in spite of incessant fiddling with the angle I was holding the mouse at, etc. I plugged the old mouse back in and the pain subsided rapidly. The difference seems to be that the old one sits further back in my hand and supports my palm, whereas with the new one the back of my hand is suspended in midair overtop it.

So today I return the new mouse and look for one with ergonomics that will work. I decide to try something altogether new, and pick up a trackball (ms trackball explorer), doing my best to ignore the price difference between it and the mouse. Still a bit clumsy with it, though getting better. But the ball is sticky. Not as in it sticks to my fingers. Sticky as in the effort required to move it is much higher in one specific spot, like it’s a smidgen off-round and partially wedging itself in the socket. Is that normal? Does it go away? Right now I’m thinking it’s back to Staples again and another exchange, because this is just annoying. Besides, I’m having a hard time imagining becoming proficient enough with it to play starcraft.

Hmm… never used a trackball in earnest, or a cordless for that matter. I know this is probably redundant advice but personally I would just go out and buy the basic MS mouse (not cordless). Cheap, reliable, and you know that it’s comfortable. Just my opinion, of course.

While the MS site suggests they’re still making my old mouse, I haven’t seen it in any of the stores I’ve been in. It’s all optical stuff, except for the 15 buck no-name garbage. The mid-range MS mice all feel less comfortable than the basic one I tried, until you get up to the Intellimouse Explorer. The top end Logitech mouse is too short, but there’s one midrange one, the Mouseman Dual Optical, that’s a possibility - I didn’t examine it that closely the first time because I was looking at cheaper stuff, or the second time because I was looking at trackballs.

I didn’t know they stopped selling the basic MS mouse, shows how long it’s been since I shopped for a mouse!

Only other thing I can suggest would be to search online for reviews and ratings for cheap, comfortable mice.

See my last response.