is there is a good way to chase away high/drunk fast?

A good night of sleep is always the best method but is there a proven and effective method to get rid of a drunk or high fast? In Farewell to Arms, they give him coffee to chase away drunkness. Is that an effective method? And for high? Fast is the key word. The level of effectiveness is secondary. Thanks in advanced for any suggestions.

I had a friend in school who was a naval pilot during the Korean war. He claimed that a few whiffs of pure oxygen would clear your head right quick. He was the most dedicated drinker I knew, once winning a bet that he could drink an ounce of beer a minute for four hours. That’s 20 12 oz bottles.

Being arrested usually makes you sober up pretty quickly.

Seriously though, a quick change in situation or a major shock sometimes snaps you out of a high/drunkeness. This may be purely psycological but I think that is half the effect anyway. If you slap yourself on the face and say “Right sam, you are now sober, Act it.” and walk into a new situation you can usually get away with it.

You may be looking for something medical though.

Maybe I should’ve been more specific… Something practical and accessible to the average person.
Though that is an interesting story. An ounce of beer a minute for 4 hours? Jeez, did they kept pouring into his mouth after he passed out or something?

I can give you a trick that I used to use for being drunk, but nothing for being high.

Drink lots of water. It dilutes the booze and ‘sobers’ you up. When things used to get too wobbly for me at the bar, I would have the bar tender give me several beer glasses of water and would power them down fast. Within minutes I would start feeling better and get steady again.

A girl I knew taught me that trick. She used to party hardy while I was at work at night, then wobble over when I got home and ask for a couple of big glasses of ice water. It pretty well sobered her up.

WARNING! You are still drunk, but not feeling the effects as badly and you certainly will blow a DUI on a meter.

I used to use it when I drank too much and wanted to drive home and I would linger at the bar drinking water for about 30 minutes until I felt steady enough to drive. Try it out at home first!! (Oh, yeah! You will piss a lot shortly after.)

The problem is that once the alcohol is in your bloodstream, none of these tricks are going to do anything to get it out except time. While you may be more clearheaded, you’ll still be impared and still have poor reflexes. Time is what will take care of it, nothing else as far as I know.

Aside from time there is no true cure, but if you just want to feel better (and be ready for round two) here is what myself and my friends do.

We place IV’s in ourselves prior to going out drinking. No bags of fluid hanging (just yet), only the ports for access. Now once we’re all pretty well intoxicated we stumble back to the car, hook up two liters each of IV fluid, and take turns on a cyclander of oxygen…about 30 minutes later we’re all feeling pretty damn good and ready to go back in

You are sticking needles in your bodies to go drinking? Isn’t this the time to be evaluating your priorities?

I guess it should read we stick IV’s on one another…I’m not drinking as I’m writing this, really.

This is not a frequent practice, but on the occasion we all want to get fairly intoxicated (we’ve only done it twice in a year) it is quite helpful

Diluting it (as suggested by pounding water) should lower your BAC and could make you able to drive legaly

This is the rub. Various of these solutions will help you clear the foggy-headedness, but your thinking will still be impaired, and so will your motor skills.


If you’re high, try carrying on a normal conversation with someone. It forces you to think and really helps you come down.

Prolonged painful vomiting has been known make me *feel sober quite effectively in the past, but the alcohol in the bloodstream is not affected by it.

Sorry to ruin the fun speculation gang, but there is no practical way short of dialysis to detox yourself any faster from alcohol. Opiates on the other hand can be reversed by a dose of naloxone or naltrexone. This will produce an instant abstinence syndrome and nasty withdrawal symptoms for people who are physically addicted, and should only be attempted under medical supervision, and only when medically necessary.

Kinoons old buddy, that kind of behavior you describe is almost pathognomonic for a chem dep diagnosis!

Some antipsychotics can stop a high, specifically serotonin blockers. Of course, these aren’t things to play around with, so you probably should question your priorities on this one.

With alcohol, people swear it has little to no effect on them when they’re on one of the stronger psychedelics. So, if you don’t mind getting even more out of it…heh. I remember reading recently that a certain pharmaceutical may actually be useful in causing sobriety, but hell if I can remember which it was.

Moderation and water.

Whether you drink alcohol or smoke an intoxicant, the only way you can keep clear headed is to take a big heaping dose of moderation. If you are drinking to get drunk, you will be drunk and nothing will change this.

If, on the other hand, you are enjoying yourself and drink one or two more than you intended, you can avoid some of the side effects of the alcohol and bring yourself back down to an acceptable level of sobriety - or the appearance of sobriety - with a few simple tools.

If you are wishing to “appear” or “feel” sober you can offset some of the depressant qualities of alcohol with caffeine or pseudoephedrine. Fluid replacement can also speed up the sobering process by replenishing your body with the water needed to process the alcohol and will decrease the severity of a “hangover” the next morning.

Alcoholic beverages require more water than is in the drink to digest the alcohol and other nutrients found in the drink. As you drink, your body robs itself of water to digest these drinks, so you slowly become dehydrated even though you are constantly drinking fluids. Since dehydration is the main cause of your “hangover”, replacing lost fluids is imperative.

End your evening with several glasses of pure water and maybe a few aspirin (to control the constriction of the blood vessels in the brain) and drink responsibly. You should enjoy the evening and not suffer from it the next morning.

I rarely drink alcohol, but when I do, I will ask for water in place of a beer or wine throughout the evening. This rehydrates me and gives me something to hold in my hand and sip on as I talk or mingle.

As for a smoked intoxicant, my experience has not offered any “cures”. I do not get a “hangover” from marijuana and have never felt as if I were not in control of myself after smoking (I am not saying that I am not under the influence, I am saying that I do not feel as if I have lost control).

The effects of alcohol and marijuana are not similiar so the “cures” probably should not be similiar, but as your body has to digest the marijuana just as it does anything else, water could help. Caffeine or pseudoephedrine could also help since marijuana can be a depressant. I say “can” because some forms of marijuana have a stimulant effect even though it is classified as a depressant.

To be too general, cannabis sativa is a stimulant and cannabis indica is a depressant. Hybrid varieties of these two classes and the growing environment of the marijuana can invalidate this generalization. [/enlightenment]

So, moderation and water, along with caffeine and a little bit of responsibility can help you feel better about your situation. But, you are still drunk or high and only time will change this.

I don’t believe this is true. You can slow the absorbtion of alcohol by filling your stomach/intestines with other food, but once the alcohol is in your bloodstream extra water will do nothing. Once drunk, only time will change your BAC.

Telemark I don’t know that for a fact but it makes sense:
1 BAC is based on the % of alcohol in your blood
2 if you add water to your blood the % of anything else in it will go down (except water which will go up)
3 Alcohol dehydrates you meaniung your blood is most likely low on water anyway.
4 water is absorbed by the stomach

So I would guess if you drink water and have a BAC not 0 then that water will be absorbed into your blood and will dilute your BAC.

That’s how I reasoned it.

Even water in too large quantities can be deadly. I read about someone who drank 12 glasses of water as a result of the thirst that comes over ravers–and died from electolyte imbalance in the blood. I cannot recall the last time I was drunk–or why–but it was many years ago.

Cecil speaks on too much water: